Why Can't I Update Game Pigeon

This guide will show you 10 common fixes of the iPhone no sound issue. You can check them and find one useful way for you.

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Common iPhone Issues

iPhone Connection Issues
Why can

“All of the tricks that were online to delete game pigeon didn’t work for me so on the newest IOS I am trying to delete but I don’t know how”. Delete GamePigeon from an iPhone Despite following all the steps for how to delete GamePigeon on an iPhone running iOS 13/12/11 or any other version for that matter, the users aren’t able to.

iPhone Keyboard Issues
iPhone System Issues
iPhone Sound Issues
Other iPhone Issues

Many iPhone users reported then they experience an annoying problem that there is no sound on the iPhone sometimes. In other words, their iPhone sound not working normally. There are many conditions of no sound on the iPhone: no sound on the videos, speaker sound not working, alarm sound not working, no sound on games or apps, no sound on incoming calls, ringer sound not working, no text-sound and so on.

What to do when you hear no sound on iPhone? Here we list some common but always work solutions. You can check them one by one; hope one of these solutions can help you out.

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1. Check the Silent Switch and Adjust Volume

Check the Ring/Silent switch. When you turn Silent switch on and forget to turn it off will lead to this issue. So, first of all, you should make sure that your iPhone is not in silent mode – move the switch forward—toward the device’s display—so that orange isn’t showing. After the Silent switch turned off, then adjust the volume with the volume buttons or the slider in Control Center.

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2. Turn Off Do Not Disturb

When Do Not Disturb is enabled, you will see a little moon sign in the top right bar on your iPhone, and you will not hear any sound on your iPhone. So, you need to ensure that it’s off.

Turn Off Do Not Disturb

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3. Disable Bluetooth

If your iPhone is connected to another device, the sound will be transmitted to that device so that you can’t hear any sound on your iPhone. Thus, if you enabled Bluetooth on your iPhone, go to Settings and click on Bluetooth, turn it off.

4. Check the iPhone Speaker

If you can’t sound or anything from your iPhone, you need to check whether iPhone speaker is not working. Go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics (or Sounds), drag the Ringer and Alerts slider back and forth a few times.

Check the iPhone Speaker

If a sound appears, the iPhone speaker works. If you still can’t hear a sound, the device may need a hardware repair. Or if your speaker button on the Ringer and Alerts slider is dimmed, your speaker might need service. Contact Apple Support for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

5. Check the Notifications Settings

If you can’t hear any sounds from a specific app or some apps, the problem may be in your Notification settings. Make sure that you turn on Allow Notifications and Sounds. You can check by going to Settings > Notifications and choose the app. On the next screen, make sure both the Allow Notifications and Sounds switch are green.

6. Check for System Updates

Every iOS system update would fix some minor bugs including sounder issues. So check for system software updates and download the latest iOS version. Go to: Settings > General > Software Update.

7. Check for App Updates

If there is no sound in games or some apps, check for App updates to fix sound bugs. Go to App Store and find the available updates for Apps.

8. Restart iPhone

Close all the applications on your iPhone, and turn off your iPhone then turn on. To do this:

  • For iPhone X and later: Press and hold the Side button and Volume Up/Down button Until Slide to Power Off appears > Drag the slider to turn off your device > Press and hold the Side button and Volume Up/Down button again to turn on.
  • For iPhone 8 or earlier: Press and hold the Home button Until Slide to Power Off appears > Drag the slider to turn off your device > Press and hold the Home button again until to turn on.

9. Reset All Settings

If the above methods are not working, you can try to reset settings on your iPhone. Just go to Settings > General > Reset. Tap Reset All Settings, which will reset the sound, display, and network settings to defaults. So it can probably work for iPhone sound.

Fix iPhone No Sound by Resetting All Settings

If the problem still remains, you can have a try on Reset Network Settings. Generally, it can reset Wi-Fi networks and passwords, cellular settings, and VPN and APN settings that you’ve used before. Some users reported it’s useful for their devices.

10. How to Fix iPhone No Sound with A Few Clicks

The 9 solutions we mentioned above are very useful as so many iPhone users had given feedbacks. Some still stay stuck in this issue. Don’t panic! Here we’ll recommend a high-rate and easy-to-using tool to help you get out of this problem. AnyFix, as a system/iTunes troubleshooter, supports to fix over 200 iTunes problems and more than 130 system issues within a few steps. Follow the tutorial list below to fix the iPhone-no-sound problem.

Step 1. Get the latest version of AnyFix and run it on your computer > connect your iPhone to the computer > choose System Repair.

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

Tap on System Repair

Why Can't I Update Game Pigeon Forge

Step 2. Tap on the 50+iPhone Problems >Click on the Start Now to go on.

Step 3. We recommend the Standard Repair as the most suitable repair mode for you to repair your iPhone which won’t risk any iPhone data loss.

How to Fix System Issues with AnyFix

Step 4. Following the leading steps for a while, you will see the screen on your computer.

Bonus Tip: How to Manage and Transfer iPhone Data in an Easier Way

After talking about how to fix there is no sound on the iPhone issue, in this part, we’re going to recommend an amazing iOS data transfer tool – AnyTrans, which dedicates to help iOS users transfer iPhone/iPad/iPod data in a smart way. Because iPhone 11 had released, you may wait to upgrade to the newest iPhone. If you get a new iPhone, you must need to transfer your important data from the old iPhone, computer, or iTunes to your new iPhone. In this case, AnyTrans can bring you a lot of conveniences.

  • It can help you manage and transfer almost all kinds of iOS data such as contacts, notes, reminders, photos, ringtones, music, videos, calendar, iBooks, playlists, etc. More importantly, it won’t wipe any data on your iPhone.
  • It helps you copy data from old iPhone/computer/iTunes, also supports transfer data from any iOS device to your new iPhone 11/X/8.
  • If you’re new to the iPhone, just switching from Android to iPhone, AnyTrans makes it easy for you to move data from your Android phone to the new iPhone. It supports all Android phones and all iPhones, iPads, iPods. At the same time, it works well with both Mac and PC.

Here is a screenshot of AnyTrans on Mac, if you want to manage and transfer your iPhone 8/X data in an easier way, you can download AnyTrans to have a try >

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

A Screenshot of AnyTrans on Mac

The Bottom Line

If you have tried all of the solutions above, and still cannot fix the iPhone sound not working issue, then it is suggested that you make an appointment with Apple Support for help. By the way, don’t forget to have a try on AnyTrans.

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GamePigeon is a cool app that allows you to enjoy a collection of excellent two-player games on iMessage with your friends and family. It contains games such as 8-Ball, Poker, Gomoku, Sea Battle, and Anagrams.

If you can’t download GamePigeon for some reason or you have downloaded it and it just doesn’t work, I will help you fix the problem in this article. I have categorized the possible problems you may experience with this iMessage game and provided solutions to fix them.

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How to fix GamePigeon invite errors

If a white screen pops up when you are opening a game invite, then you need to restart your iPhone or update your iOS version. To do this follow the steps below:

To restart your iPhone, simply press and hold the Sleep/Wake and the Volume Down button concurrently. Wait for about 10 seconds for the iPhone’s screen to turn off. Once it is off, hold those buttons again to turn it on. Have the game invite resent again and check whether it works.

To update to the latest version of iOS, connect your iPhone to a power source and make sure it is connected to the internet via Wi-Fi too. Go to Settings > General > Software Update. Select the update and tap Download and Install. Once the new version is installed, reinstall GamePigeon on your iMessage. Remember that this game only works on iOS 7 and above.

What to do when Game pigeon doesn’t install

If GamePigeon doesn’t install on your iPhone, then you need to restart your device. Once you restart, simply visit the iMessage app store and download the app again. If it doesn’t install after a restart, then you should update to the latest version of iOS. Follow this guide if you cannot download GamePigeon.

I downloaded the app but can’t play games

If you have downloaded Game Pigeon and you can’t access or play games, simply follow these steps. Open any message thread on iMessage and at the bottom left, tap the 4 dots. Once you do this, you should see the game. Select your game of choice and an invite will be sent to your friend.

Why Can't I Update My Game Pigeon

If you cannot play due to problems with the invite, refer to the above section with solutions to invite errors.

Another common error is when Game Pigeon doesn’t show on iMessage. To fix this, simply open iMessage, tap the 4 dots, hold the GamePigeon icon until it jiggles and then tap the x that appears to remove it. Once you have removed it, you can re-install the app again.

How to start a game on GamePigeon

Top play games on GamePigeon you have to install the app on your iMessage first. Simply follow the steps outlined below to install this app and play games right from it.

  • Open any message thread on iMessage
  • Tap the AppStore icon on the iMessage app drawer at the bottom
  • Tap on the 4 dots on the bottom left of the screen
  • Tap Store and search for GamePigeon
  • Select the game and tap install
  • Once installed, Open a message thread
  • Tap the AppStore icon at the bottom
  • Choose your preferred game and tap Start

You will get a notification when the recipient joins the game. Ensure that your iPhone is operating on iOS 7.1.2 and above for the game to work. If you cannot see the app on your iMessage App Store, this is an indication that your device doesn’t support the game.

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How to delete GamePigeon

Follow these steps to delete GamePigeon from the old iOS versions:

  • Open iMessage and tap on any message thread
  • Tap the AppStore icon at the bottom of the screen
  • Tap the 4 dots that appear on the bottom left
  • Hold on to its app icon until it jiggles
  • Tap x and it will be deleted

To delete GamePigeon from the newest versions of iOS, follow these steps:

  • Open iMessage
  • Tap the AppStore icon
  • Swipe left the apps that appear at the bottom until you see 3 dots
  • Find GamePigeon on the page that appears
  • Swipe it left to delete

If you are enjoying this game, then you might also like Akinator, which is a genie guessing game. Make sure to leave a message here if you encounter further problems with the app.

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