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One of the most popular games you can play right now is GamePigeonBattleship or Sea Battle. It is a game which feels a lot like the Battleship you used to play as a child, but you don’t have to worry about getting the coordinates right or keeping all of those little pieces in the same place.Instead, you just have to worry about finding the ship. To play Sea Battle on iPhone, you need to have the GamePigeon application installed and toggled on. Then, you need to find a willing opponent.

  1. Games Index HTML5 Games Flash Games Elementary Games Puzzle Games. Multiple terrains, multiple weapons - get them before they get you! Try Tanks 2 (HTML5), an HTML5 version of Tanks that we are currently developing. Tank Wars are fun!
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  4. Game Pigeon Plus! It’s wayyyyy overpriced. You have to pay $3 for custom skins, accessories, and ad free play? That’s a bit much considering the look of your props and avatar don’t matter to the game. And (most of the time) the ads don’t pop up in the middle of the game, they pop up when you’re waiting for the opponent.

It should display as a game controller icon. This setup looks identical to the standard App Store. It’s a free download, so the button should read “Get.” Tap it and it will be added to your iMessage. Playing The Game. Repeat steps 1-3 above to get to your App Drawer. This time, however, the GamePigeon option should be there.

The game can last a long time if you aren’t smart about the way you play. A lot of GamePigeonSea Battle strategy will revolve around offense. You need to make smart calls. However, your defense matters as well. You should place your boats in smart places.

In this guide, we will cover how to play Sea Battle on GamePigeon, how to place your boats, and how to make guesses. Read on to become the Sea Battle master.

How to Play Sea Battle on GamePigeon

If you’ve played Battleship before, you know how Sea Battle works. It is basically the same premise. There aren’t any surprises or tricks here. Even so, not everyone has played this game, so here are some basic steps:

  1. Start by positioning your ships around the board. All players can move their ships as they wish. You cannot put them diagonally, but you can put them horizontally and vertically. You want to keep the ships far enough apart so they don’t sit right next to each other. If you do this, the boxes around the ship will turn red until you move them.
  2. Guess where your enemy placed his or her ships. You can pick one square at a time. If you land in water, the box will get a dot in it. If you hit the ship, you will feel a slight shake on your phone, and you will see smoke. If you hit a ship, you can guess again. If you miss, it is your enemy’s turn.
  3. When you have successfully guessed all the squares your enemy’s ship sits in, you will see the ship appear and all the dots around the ship will fill in.
  4. Keep going until you have hit all of your opponent’s ships.

The game goes back and forth and can take a long time to play, depending on how fast your opponent answers. If you want to play a shorter game, you can change the size of the grid and decrease the number of ships.

GamePigeonSea Battle Strategy: Defense

When positioning your boats, be smart about it. Don’t put everything into one corner or put every ship around the edges. This is a good way to create a pattern people will easily see. You also want to change up your strategy every time you play the game.If you are going to put any ships along the edges of the board, consider putting the biggest ships there. This way, you can eliminate the number of free spaces your opponent gets when they do sink your big ship. As the biggest ships are the ones most likely to be struck first, you will take away some of your opponent’s advantages.

If you have large areas of open water, this is the best place to put those little ships which are really difficult to find. Usually, these are the last ships of the game. They aren’t captured in the checkerboard pattern if you place them well.

The best thing you can do for the offense is to think about your placement. Don’t just allow the AI to set them up for you. Think about a checkerboard and pick a color (this is a strategy we will talk about in defense). Do not place all your small ships on what would be the same color.

GamePigeonSea Battle Strategy: Offense

When you are guessing which squares to hit, there are a few different things to consider. The first is that your opponent will have done many of the same things you did in the offense. Start by guessing around the edges and then moving your way into the center.

When guessing, most people will guess in a checkerboard pattern. This involves thinking of the Battleship board as a checkerboard. Pick either red or black and only aim for those squares. This will help you to pick up many of the boats, but not all of them. Some people decide to make a giant X with every other square to help divide the board. You can also do this by making a plus sign (+).

When you hit a ship, keep going until you have knocked it out. Some people think it is best to find them all and then start, but you are hitting more water that way. When a ship is completely hit, the boxes around it will fill in, meaning you don’t have to guess those. As you cannot put boats in that area, it is a great way to eliminate bad moves.

If you play with your friends on a regular basis, start to remember their moves. Some people will play with most of their ships around the edge and then go to the center.

GamePigeonSea Battle Cheats

Unfortunately, apart from stealing someone else’s phone, there aren’t any cheats for this game. The only thing you can really do is learn how particular people play and use that to your advantage.Sea Battle is a great way to enjoy this classic game. You get the addition of sounds and haptics, which makes it feel a bit more like the old plastic game that so many of us remember. However, you don’t have to worry about having those little red and white tokens all over your house.

This how to play tanks on game pigeon guide is the best you’ll ever need. We’ve simplified the process of playing game pigeon game for you.

So, hold on a while, grab a seat and read along.

What are Tanks?

In reality, this is not a water tank, but a game inside game pigeon which is situated inside the iMessenger app.

Tanks is a game that involves an army tank generally used for battles, but this time, it’s animated and controlled 100% by you.

How to Play Tanks In Game Pigeon:

First step is knowing how to install Game pigeon on your iMessenger app. To do that, follow our step below:

To install it follow the steps below:

Firstly, open the iMessenger app store, find the Game Pigeon (this can be done by searching “game pigeon on the search bar) or navigate around pages to locate game pigeon.

If you can’t find it, tap on more, this will list all the apps/games supported by iMessenger,

As soon as the game pigeon is installed, follow the steps on how to play tanks on game game pigeon below:

  • Open a conversation with a friend.
  • Click on the ‘A’ icon on the bottom of the chat page
  • Pick game pigeon from the categories section

NB: It automatically pops-up various games if it’s only game pigeon installed.

  1. Select Tanks.

And begin playing!!!!


Who Should Play Tanks On Game Pigeon

Game Pigeon is only meant for people who are 12+.

Game Pigeon company says that the reason why they picked 12+ as an age rating is because of the fact that the game has some intense/frequent fantasy or Cartoon violence.

So, I guess this information is safe for parents to know. If you’ve been looking for the age rating for pigeongame, there you have it!

For me, I believe the pigeon game tanks makes it suitable for 12+ kids. So, I would wait for my child(ren) to reach 13 before he/she they can even begin playing it.

Tanks Game Pigeon

If you are younger than 12, I would suggest you play other games on game pigeon and not ones that are rated above your age, go for ones better than tanks.

How to Play Tanks On Game Pigeon- Part II

We all know that starting a new game means it won’t be all “rosy”. Especially when it’s something completely new to you.

So, let’s check out some tips for playing tanks on game pigeon.

  1. Avoid staying in one side of the game, move your tank so you don’t get hit every time.
  2. Avoid shooting unnecessarily. Doing this will cause you to lose your available armor for the game.
  3. Where needed, use some boost, that can help in preserving your life, this should help in beating your opponent. This you can do by buying boosts as the game has in-app purchases.
  4. Avoid distractions when playing tanks on game pigeon. If you are distracted it could lead to mis-targets or even getting hit by opponent.
  5. Your friend (the one you are playing against) may send you threat text (A popular tactic used by online gamers), do not surrender, ignore and focus on the game.
  6. Use better and bigger tanks, they shoot more and they are resistant to hits, when compared to smaller ones.
  7. Now that you know how to play tanks on game on game pigeon, go home and practice and practice makes perfect.

How To Win At Tanks Game Pigeon

How to Win Knockout on GamePigeon

Tanks Game Pigeon Cheat Sheet

The quickest tip to knocking out your opponent is learning the art of prediction. Predicting your opponent’s move before they even execute them and countering them is one of the best ways to win knockout on GamePigeon.

Here are other ways:

  1. Ensure you practice before competing. Constant practice will allow you familiarize yourself with how the game fully works. There are features which are best exploited first before applying them during a competitive gameplay. So, begin practicing right away!
  2. When battling pick the Dirt Mover, point your barrel to 270 degrees. Set fire power up to 100 before firing and release the shot. This shot will result in you being halfway through making a banker.
  3. Creating a magical wall inside your banker protects you better. This also shields you from underground attacks.
  4. Shoot a Dirt Slinger in the air at 90 degrees to better defend your tank from fired enemy missiles. Your tank will be saved by dirt therefore beating down the damage taken.
  5. When deciding where to play, Chose an area that will board well with the tank of your picking. Do not go for the valley if you are not well prepared.
  6. Select your opponents strategically. The form of competition you get will determine how well your skill set will be developed. At your beginning stages start with less experienced players as you work your way up. Good players will know a thing or two therefore you require good preparations to match up to them.

Free Tank Games


Game Pigeon Tanks Angles

Now, you know how to play tanks on game pigeon, how to get it on the iMessenger app, how to win knockout on gamepigeon and also how to play the actual game.

Game Pigeon Tanks Hacks

Use the comment section below to leave us your thoughts and experience.