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We are all sorry to see the demise of the Pigeon Debut magazine. For over a decade it was the leading magazine for fancy pigeons. I predict that the BREED SPECIALS will soon become valuablecollectibles and reference guides.
Shipping is $5.00 for each issue in the United States, $10.00 outside the United States. Additional items are $2.00 each shipping in the US and 3.00 each (surface mail is no longeravailable, I ship airmail) outside the US. I ship immediately on payment. Issues are in very good/excellent condition.

Official Purebred Pigeon Logo Cap Baseball-style Hat with embroidered 'purebred PIGEON magazine” in orange lettering. Available in Dark Green or Navy Blue. Other colors plus Cammo available by special order. Adjustable to fit most. $12 US plus $6.00 shipping/handling to U.S. Addresses = $18 total. Purebred Pigeon is now available ONLINE! The entire magazine - for your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone! Just click on the cover to see our March/April 2019 issue.

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Nov 2004 English Trumpeters $20.00

May 1997 Oriental Frills $30.00

Aug 1999 Jacobins $25.00

May 1998 Helmets $20.00

Nov 2000 Domestic Flights $10.00

Nov 1996 Giant Homers $10.00

May 1995 Giant Runt $20.00

Nov 2003 Giant Runt $10.00

Aug 2005 Dragoons $15.00

Nov 2001 African Owl $20.00

May 1999 Chinese Owls $15.00

Purebred Pigeon Magazine Free Download

Nov 2002 West of England Tumblers $25.00

Feb 2001 Show Rollers $15.00

Feb 2000 Birmingham Rollers $25.00

May 2004 Birmingham Rollers $20.00

May 2005 Parlor Rollers $20.00

Aug 1997 American Show-Racers $15.00

Nov 1998 Show Kings $20.00

Feb 1998 Modena $25.00

Nov 2005 Modena $25.00

Aug 2000 Fantails $30.00

Aug 2002 Pouters & Croppers $25.00

Aug 1998 Rare Breeds $25.00

Nov 1999 Rare Breeds $25.00

April 2000 Tippler $20.00

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I am always anxious to buy collections. Especially wanted are books, club patches and older pre-1970 pigeon magazines. I can travel up to 400 miles from AnnArbor, Michigan for larger purchases. Call me or email me and let's talk about what you have for sale.

I was a fancier for forty years, I had American Show-Racers. Pigeon fanciers know me and I value the trust I have established over a long period of time.

Purebred Pigeon Magazine Free Downloads

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Purebred Pigeon Subscription

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