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GamePigeon rolled out their first ‘up to four-player game’ with Crazy 8s. Crazy 8s is a wild, fast-paced game. If you like games that guarantee suspense and upsets, this game is for you. The rules and regulations of the game are similar to the real-life card games. Game pigeon, another game slowly gaining the attention of kids and parents.For most parents, they have always been conscious of what games their children play online. In this post, I will be broad on game pigeon. In this game, the pigeon needs to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. But don't eat rotten vegetables, or the game will over. You can collect bugs for motivation. You can go to the store and unlock the new pigeon. Have fun play with Pigeon Game Online.

Pigeons are sweet birds… until you learn their bad-tempered nature. This game will turn you into one of the many city birds who have to search for food, communicate with their kind, avoid cats and evil kids and entertain in any way they can. It only seems that a pigeon is little and helpless. In fact it can cause a lot of trouble and you’ll make sure of that! Fly over the city, play vile tricks on people, create unpleasant situations wherever you can and enjoy the chaos you’re wrecking! But don’t forget about your daily needs in the process – you need to eat well to have energy for all that. Discover other perks of Pigeon Simulator and live your bird life to the full!

The developers of the What a stupid pigeon game, have a wicked sense of humor. The game is based on the concept of a human being trying to launch a pigeon in midair. In order to do this successfully, you have to control the human’s foot to launch the pigeon. The developers have added small objectives to keep the gameplay interesting. For example- One of your objectives is to kick the pigeon twenty feet in the air. Another objective is to make the pigeon hit one basic object on the ground. The game has thirty two levels. You have to achieve all your objectives to complete the level.

The game is fully controlled by your mouse. Using the mouse click on the foot. You can control the swing and the speed by using your mouse. The greater the power, the higher the pigeon flies. The game has a garage. At every level, you can select items from the garage to improve your game play. For example- In the second level, you can add a rocket to your pigeon to increase the distance.

Play Pigeon Game online, free

Overall Verdict– The theme of the game is very simple. However, the overall gameplay is extremely tough to master.


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Play Pigeon Game online, free

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