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Players rotate as the 'Wolf.' On each hole, the player designated as the Wolf has to choose whether to play one against three, or 2-vs.-2. If the Wolf chooses 2-vs.2, he gets to choose his partner. But the Wolf can win (or lose) more money by going it alone. There's a game similar to Wolf called Defender that works well for groups of three. I replied that i would make it up to her and thanked her for forgiving me generously and i'm waiting for her to reply again;; thank you all of u who gave me the courage to message her i hope she feels better and more at ease, i read every single comment and i love all of you so much ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️.

Google is a company like no other. It’s not just about building useful web services, smart home devices, and developing an Assistant that brings all of this together. They go to great lengths to make sure their employees are happy and comfortable working with them. That's evident from all the hidden games that they have crafted over the years across a number of Google products like Search, Earth, Chrome, and more.

Let’s take a look at some of the best hidden Google games that you can play right now.

1. Dino Run (Chrome)

Most people who work online for a living don’t move away from their computer when there is no Internet connectivity available. Enter the T-Rex. One of the fiercest predators to walk Earth. Try opening any website in Chrome, and you will get the No internet error.

Now press on the ‘Space’ button on your keyboard to begin the game. T-Rex will continue to run and you can jump using the Space button to avoid obstacles.

How far have you run?

2. Tic Tac Toe (Search)

Ah, the number of hours I wasted playing this with friends. A classic game that might not go out of fashion ever.

Just search for the game ‘Tic Tac Toe’ in Google Search, and it will present you the board right inside Search. Knock on the next cubicle to start playing the game.

3. Pac-Man (Search)

Pac-Man ushered in the golden age of maze games in the late 80s and since then has become a social phenomenon of sorts. It even made an appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, a movie known for its pop culture references.

Just search for the game in Google Search, and it will present you a Doodle that you can play inside Search.

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4. Atari Breakout (Search)

Did you know Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs designed Atari Breakout? Learn how it inspired the former to build the Apple II computer. Anyways, to play this classic game, go to Google Image search and type the name.

The search results, images, will now rearrange themselves to create the popular game. You will use your mouse or arrow keys on the keyboard to control the bar. Your job is to prevent the ball from falling.

5. Zerg Rush (Search)

This is a cool game. The moment you search for the game in Google Search, you will see small balls falling from the sky that you have to eliminate with mouse-clicks. If they touch the search results, they will disappear.

In gaming lingo, the name means being bombarded by weak enemies who are difficult to defeat because of their sheer number.

6. Flight Simulator (Earth)

Google Earth is a powerful tool and a boon for people who love to travel and visit new places. Did you know you can also fly an F-16 and SR22 plane using the flight simulator feature in Earth?

Download Google Earth Pro using the link below and when it opens, press Ctrl+Alt+A to launch the simulator. Pick a location, and now you can fly to that place. Don’t crash it, though. Here is an in-depth guide. Note that the flight simulator only works on desktop.

Download Google Earth Pro

7. Android Game (Android)

Each new version of Android comes with a hidden game. Depending on what you have installed on your phone, you can play one of these games. Go to Settings and tap on the Android version repeatedly until you see the Android version logo. In my case, it is Oreo.

Play Game Pigeon Alone

Now tap on this logo multiple times to reveal a hidden game. Oreo comes with a creepy looking octopus that you can control with your finger.

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8. Flappy Bird Clone (Android)

Flappy Bird was a runaway success and for a good reason. It was damn hard to play and highly addictive. Google has hidden a clone, Android Bird, deep inside the Android OS. You will need a launcher like Nova for that. Create an Activities Widget and select Marshmallow Land under System UI.

When the widget is placed on the homescreen, tap on it to launch the game.

9. Text Adventure (Search)

There is a game hidden in Google Search called Text Adventure, where you have to find alphabets. Type Text Adventure in Search and when the results load, press Ctrl+Shift+J to reveal a hidden menu.

If you want to play the game, type ‘yes’ and hit Enter. You will then receive clues as to where you (Big Blue of Google logo) can find your friends (remaining letters of the word Google) red o, yellow o, blue g, green l, and red e. Go hunt them.

10. Google Gravity

Newton changed the world forever when he discovered gravity one. Google wanted to pay respect, and created a game. Weirdos. Type Google Gravity in the search bar and click I’m Feeling Lucky.

Every single element on the page will break down and fall as if gravity was pulling it down. You can now play around with these blocks. Note that links are still clickable and you can still use the search.

11. Google Clouds (Android)

Google Clouds is a game that is hidden inside the Google app on your Android. Open the app. Put your phone in Airplane mode. Now search for anything.

You will now see search results with a round icon with a cloud man waving cheerfully at you. Tap on it to launch the game. It was designed to engage people while they're traveling without an active Internet connection.

12. Google Assistant

Google’s smart AI-powered Assistant is not just there to help you take notes and create to-do lists. You can also play games, and there are quite a few to choose from.

Just search for ‘play game,’ and you will be presented with a list of options. There are some classics like Stone Paper Scissors, word-based games, and quizzes among others. Try them out.

Game On

There are too many hidden games in various Google products to list them all here. Google Assistant alone offers over 20 games to play. The fact that the developers are going to such lengths to insert these trivia inside their products says a lot about the kind of work environment they have built over the years.

Did you found another? Share with us in the comments below.

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The 2013 Google blackout caused 40% drop in Internet traffic worldwide.

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