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Jul 27, 2017 Beware, this post is dark and full of spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 2, 'Stormborn.' As fans of Game of Thrones know, the nobles of Westeros are able to communicate over long distances thanks to a system of “ravens.” (George R.R. Martin likely based the ravens on the historical pigeon post.). But, though the land over which those ravens have flown is one of fantasy, there’s a real historical basis to the idea of message-carrying birds.Homing pigeons have a storied history dating back far beyond the Middle Ages, the period from which Thrones author George R.R. Martin frequently draws inspiration. Mild spoilers ahead. What is read may never die. As we await the aftermath of Tyrion’s controversial mission on last week’s episode of Game of Thrones, it seems only fitting to highlight the.

If Twitter was available to our favorite Game Of Thrones characters, we might still be enjoying Ned Stark and his family! Twitter is THE choice when it comes to delivering your messaging, especially if the other choice is a messenger-raven of Westeros. Twitter has reach, the ability to interject personality and can even be used for private and direct messaging. Unlike the messenger-ravens of Westoros, whom only the likes of Lannisters have access, Twitter is available to everyone who makes a choice to learn how to use it.

It’s always important to use the right social platform to get your message to the right audience at the right time. That’s is a heads-up choice. Otherwise, you might end up like Rob Stark and his mom being in the wrong place at the wrong time … and more of a heads-off result.

8 Reasons Why Twitter Is Better Than The Game Of Thrones Ravens

Here is why I strongly suggest against using a communication alternative, like the messenger-ravens, to deliver your news. Move toward adopting Twitter as a key platform for your business voice, communication and content delivery.

  • Twitter Is A Smart Choice To Help Your Message Cut Through The Clutter. It is true that the ravens of Westeros are uncommonly intelligent animals that can be trained to serve as messengers. A message can help conquer your communication goals if you learn the basics and advanced tips and tricks of Twitter.

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  • Twitter Has Unbound Geographic Reach. Yes, these messenger-ravens fly great distances across the seven kingdoms. However, Tweets can have unbound geographic and reader-reach with the right structure, tone and wording.
  • Twitter Can Target Your Audience With Private Messages. The Game Of Thrones ravens pass messages between a select amount of castles and cities, such as Kings Landing and Dragonstone. However, Twitter can be used to send private and direct messages. A feature Ned Stark could have used.
  • Twitter Only Requires A Small Amount Of Training. Ravens of Westeros require complex training to help deliver messages from almost any castle to another. Getting a Twitter account up and going is as simple as opening an account and starting to Tweet.
  • Twitter Does a Great Job of Communicating Your Tone With Short Messages. Most messages delivered by Westeros ravens are standard and innocuous. Many Tweets are like this too, but they are perfect for delivering news and content. I’d expect Tyrion Lannister would have been a great Tweeter … for obvious 140-character reasons!

Pigeons Vs Ravens Game Of Thrones Predictions

  • Twitter Uses Links To Connect Readers With Additional Information. Some raven-delivered messages are linked to more messages while other messages are linked to bad news. Theon Greyjoy could have used a message to forewarn him about his bad news. Like the messages from the Game Of Thrones ravens, many Tweets contain links. Twitter links readers to key information immediately and not having to wait for other messages.
  • Twitter Lets You Get A Targeted Message To A Reader Even If They Don’t Follow You. Most ravens of Westeros can only be trained to fly back to a specific castle when they are released. A Twitter Reply or Mention, on the other hand, can reach your intended target even if they are not following you. Also, select ravens can be trained to travel across many castles, which means that Jamie Lannister can get his message to two or more kingdoms at one time. However the properly trained Twitter user can use hashtags and keywords to make sure their message reaches the targeted masses!
  • Twitter Lets You Use Your Own Voice. The messenger-ravens of Westeros often replicate simple human speech, which may seem very powerful. Twitter, on the other hand, lets a user’s voice be heard to make sure their intended point is made. Unless of course, we consider Twitter users who retweet and do not add their own twist to their message.

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Here are some Twitter tips that will help you from losing your head:

Choosing Twitter to communicate is a “heads-on” move and will help you be the master of your digital domain! Yes, Twitter if for the birds. Just pick the right one!


Ravens have been associated with the future in Greek mythology for centuries. They're a symbol of Apollo, the god of prophecy, and were always considered good luck. But, the raven is also associated with delivering messages. One myth explains the bird's dark feathers: It is said all ravens were once white, but when Apollo sent one to spy on his lover, Coronis, and the raven brought back news he didn't like, Apollo torched the bird, which is why all ravens are black today.

In Celtic myth, Brân the Blessed was a king of Britain in Welsh mythology. He was also said to be a giant. According to the Welsh Triads — upon his death — Brân's head was interred where the White Tower now stands in London. Legend says as long as the head stays there, Great Britain will be safe from invasion. The name Brân or Brandon means 'raven,' which is why some have attempted to link Brân the Blessed with the current practice of keeping ravens at the Tower of London.

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No one knows how long ravens have lived in the Tower, but it's been centuries at least. Some say the White Tower will fall if they ever leave. The Crown takes this so seriously the ravens in the Tower have their feathers trimmed periodically so they can't fly for any distance.

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Ravens are important in many other cultures as well. They're seen as a god by some Native American tribes and are also associated with delivering messages in others. Arguably the world's most famous depiction of a raven, Edgar Allan Poe's poem 'The Raven,' casts the bird as an existential messenger. Ravens are associated with many other things also, death being most prominent, but the raven as prophet or messenger cuts across many culture lines all over the world. Recent scientific research even shows ravens are one of the few animals who actually plan for the future!

On Game of Thrones, ravens are the messengers of the Known World. This is no mistake. Author George R.R. Martin is a history buff, and, both his casting of ravens as messengers, and the character of Brandon Stark AKA the Three-Eyed Raven, are steeped in folklore.


Bran, whose name we've learned literally means 'raven,' was destined to see the future on the HBO series. The Three-Eyed Raven comes to him in a dream after he's paralyzed from the waist down. Bran can feel the importance of the occurrence, but he doesn't know what to do. He trusts his instincts and eventually makes his way to the Raven's cave where he's trained to become the next Three-Eyed Raven. His greenseeing abilites allow Bran to visit the past and to see the future as well. On Thrones, the Three-Eyed Raven is the keeper of prophecy.

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Martin also made ravens his messengers on Game of Thrones. Trained black ravens fly all over Westeros delivering messages to the great houses. They're the fastest form of long distance communication. White ravens also exist on Thrones and they're given added significance. The immaculate birds herald the arrival of a new season, something that happens on yearly bases of differing lengths. White ravens have only been seen twice on the show (to announce summer's arrival in Season 2 and to announce winter's arrival in Season 6).