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LINK to the Big Pigeon RaceIf you like racing your old birds long distances at a reasonable price w.


– The most common worms in pigeons (Roundworm & Hairworm) are very easily picked up by pigeons especially when all birds are mixed i.e. basketing. Its therefore recommend that you treat you pigeons with Mediworm every 6 weeks. (This would also work as a treatment for Tapeworm, which is not as common).

– To keep the race program as simple as possible, its recommend that the program below be repeated on a weekly basis. The reason being that pigeons respond better to routine.

– When basketing takes place on a Thursday you will need to advance the program as the week is shorter.

– Its recommend the use of Viroban for 5 days before a big National Race. When doing this the recommended water treatments in the normal plan will be ignored and Viroban will be substituted for the full 5 days but pigeons must receive clear water for 2 days before basketing.

– Please note that when using Viroban one should not use Bloedstim.

– For long distance races, Medicarb should be used on the feed for 4 days not 2.


– Its recommend that routine treatments* for Canker and Respiratory problems should be carried out every 4-6 weeks.

* Suggested products for Canker: Powder(Cankerex-Plus, Emtryl , Medizole); tablets (Meditrich)

* Suggested products for Respiratory problems: (Doxybiotic pwd, Tylobiotic pwd, Doxybird tabs, Longstim

* Please follow the recommended instructions (1-2 days treatment is of no use as this only helps to cause resistance to the product)

– The treatment for Coccidiosis should only be carried out with a definite diagnosis. However, the two products Coximed tabs and Medicox powder are safe to use as a routine treatment throughout the racing season.



Clear water when back from race.

Protein Boost on feed & Plume Plus


Clear water Protein Boost

& Plume Plus

Medilyte and Entero-Plus.

Protein Boost on feed and Plume Plus


Medimune on feed & Plume Plus .

Clear water

Clear Water

Speed Plus / Bloedstim in water.

Medicarb on feed & Plume Plus

Speed Plus / Bloedstim in water.

Medicarb on feed & Plume Plus


Speed Plus & Medilyte at half for first drink.

Then clear water must be provided.

Medicarb on feed & Plume Plus

Pigeon wrdcross game show

Here’s a simple math game you can use as a book-tivity with any of the Pigeon books by Mo Willems. The newest Pigeon book was released today, April 1st! The new book is called The Pigeon Needs a Bath!(this is an Amazon affiliate link).

To play this game you will need some small cubes, such as linking cubes, or a similar manipulative. You could also use lima beans. You will need to print out the Pigeon, which you can find on coloring sheets available at PigeonPresents.com. (I am not able to provide a printable for this due to copyright.) Coloring sheets can be found in the Teachers’ Guides on the Grown Up Stuff section of Pigeon Presents. “The Duckling Gets a Cookie Event Kit” and “The Pigeon Wants a Puppy Event Kit” both have Pigeon coloring pages.

Color and cut around the pigeon’s outline and laminate if you choose. Give each child about 10 cubes. The cubes will need to fit in their hand(s), so use something that isn’t too large.

Another Word For Pigeon

To play the game, children will drop a handful of cubes onto the Pigeon. They will count how many cubes landed on the Pigeon and how many cubes are off. (If it lands on the white part of the paper, but off the pigeon, we still consider it “on”.) You could have them compare to see which has the most cubes: on or off. You could also have children record their answers by writing the numeral on a dry erase board or paper. Children who are not yet able to write the numbers could stamp them if you have a set of number stamps.

Pigeon Games Free

This game could be adapted to work with any storybook character or any theme by using a different clipart image.

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Pigeon Wrdcross Game Play

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