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In this page you will find a lot of different animal sounds, free to download. All sounds are in the MP3 format. In this page there are all animals sounds from all sections. Mockingbird sound, amazon macaw squawk, finch chatter, gull sound, jay exotic noise, swallow noise, nightingale singing, canary bird singing, yellow rumbed warbler chatter, sparrow sound, woodpecker pecking sound, tawny frogmouth exotic sound, pigeon noise, lapwing and peacock bird sounds Enjoy the birds sounds!

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The diversity of parrot sounds out there is incredible.
There are 372 species of parrots around the world, and it is their ability to imitate
human sounds that has made them a prized pet.

Every kind sounds a little bit different. Lovebirds, Budgerigars, cockatiels and many more, all have a unique voice.

Recording parrots

On my adventure to the local zoo I found out they had quite a few species of parrots. Their colors are great but as a recording engineer I was after the sound!

I was able to record Lovebirds tweeting, some Yellow fronted Amazons, Macaws, Cockatiel sounds and even an African grey parrot.
Since parrots love to chatter, all I had to do was get close enough to get a good audio signal.

Parrots are generally quite loud. On the first few recordings I realized the audio signal was off the roof. These birds are quite loud, when they shriek my recording device goes into clipping. After a few adjustments and lowering the gain of the preamp I got a great audio signal and I was satisfied.

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Flight of a pigeon

Duration: 00:07
UCS Category: WINGS / BIRD (WINGBird) The UCS, for 'Universal Category System', is a public domain initiative by Tim Nielsen, Justin Drury and Kai Paquin, among others. This is a list of fixed and consistent categories for classifying sound effects. It provides consistency in a filename structure to make naming and categorizing easier for anyone who maintains their own personal or professional library. Click to display the full UCS list.
Type: Foley
Channels: Mono- Mono : Is single-channel. Typically there is only one microphone, one loudspeaker.
- Stereo : Is a method of sound reproduction that creates an illusion of directionality and audible perspective.

Conditions: Studio A 'studio' sound has been recorded in a reverb-free place.
An 'outdoor' sound contains disruptive elements. The sound is not totally pure. There is sometimes a little wind, some rumors, etc.
A 'indoor' sound usually contains a strong reverb. It can not, for example, be used to sound an image taken outdoors.

Realism: Foley Un son 'Real' à été enregistré en condition réel. Par exemple : Un brossage de dent avec dentifrice.
Un son 'Idealized' à été enregistré en condition réel mais en ne gardant cherchant à coller au plus près de l'idée qu'on se fait de ce son. Par exemple : Un brossage de dent sans dentifrice.
Un 'Foley' à été enregistré en studio, avec des astuces de bruiteurs. Par exemple : Un brossage de dent imité avec une brosse à ongle.

Sampling Rate: 48,000 HzSearch : Defines the number of samples per seconds taken from a continuous signal to make a discrete signal. The unit for sampling rate is hertz.
- 44,100 Hz : CD Audio quality.
- 48,000 Hz : The standard used by professional digital video equipment such as tape recorders, video servers, vision mixers and so on.
- 96,000 Hz : DVD-Audio, some LPCM DVD tracks, BD-ROM (Blu-ray Disc) audio tracks, HD DVD (High-Definition DVD) audio tracks.

Bit depth: 16 BitsMore : In digital audio, bit depth describes the number of bits of information recorded for each sample.
- 16 bits : CD quality audio. A standard used by media professionals.
- 24 bits : DVD-Audio, which can support up to 24-bit audio.

Author: Joseph SARDIN

Sound n°: 476


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