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Skeet shooting is a recreational and competitive activity where participants, using shotguns, attempt to break clay targets mechanically flung into the air from two fixed stations at highspeed from a variety of angles. Skeet is one of the three major disciplines of competitive clay pigeon shooting.


Trapshooting is one of the three major disciplines of competitive clay pigeon shooting (shooting shotguns at clay targets). The other disciplines are skeet shooting and sporting clays. In trap shooting, the targets are launched from a single “house” or machine, generally away from the shooter.

Five Stand is a type of shotgun sport shooting similar to sporting clays, trap and skeet. There are five stations, or stands and six to eighteen strategically placed clay target throwers(called traps). Shooters shoot in turn at various combinations of clay birds.

A downloadable game

Don't you just love pigeons? They're round, fluffy, and goofy. Don't you just want to touch their round fluffy bodies? Feel them squish into your hands?

Well, now you can! In Pigeon Game, you can watch, feed, chase, pet, befriend, and hold pigeons! There's different pigeons in the game to meet and get to know - try see if you can hold them all.

Download to have a play with some round pals.

This is the finished computer version of Pigeon Game! I'm hoping to bring Pigeon Game to mobile sometime soon (hopefully), so stay tuned to my twitter (@smitleu) for updates.

Pigeon game was made in part with my good friend Zach (he did a bunch of the early code for the game). You can find all of Zach's games on his itch page 'Zachariah Chandler'! OR, follow his twitter, @dogs_r_cool.

'just puff the puph birds.' - ipon.hu (via google translate)

'stroke its puffy bod' - Alice O'Connor, RockPaperShotgun

TagsAnimals, bird, Cute, Dreams, Fantasy, Flappy Bird, jiggle, mythology, pigeon, Virtual Pet


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Development log

  • week 6 - new bird, new UI, and an exhibition!
    Oct 02, 2018
  • week 4 - making a game my mum can play
    Sep 12, 2018
  • week 2 - bird book!
    Aug 08, 2018
  • Pigeon Game devlog !!!!!!
    Jul 29, 2018

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Won't download because it doesn't say it comes with the game.

;) I love this! (but you already know from the forums) Great Game!

Great graphics, cool sticker, very immersive. Good Pigeon game ~

this was very cute! i like the drawn hearts. gameplay made me smile! thank you very much!

It was my childhood dream to catch and pet a pigeon and you made my dream come true. Thank you!

This game is so simple, yet so much fun!
I made a little video about it too, feel free to have a look! :D

More birds and more map, I want to see a lot in this game! Thank you for this delightful experience!

I want to do this in real life... But sadly I am never able to get the time to bond and feed pigeons

I love adorable games like this. There's no challenge, no spooks. just pure enjoyment. Great work :D

I really love this game, they're so jiggly!!! The pigeons and this game make me very happy! <3

Adorable little game! I loved feeding and petting the pigeons, but the best part was the jiggling!

ahhh this is so wholesome, thanks for sharing with me!

A nice lil simple game that puts a smile on your face! 10/10 good pidge

This game is absolutely amazing, and is a great use of jiggle. 11/10 would pick up more birds.

this comment made a pigeon somewhere in the world do a smile, thankyou!!!!! : -)

This game is absolutely amazing, and is a great use of jiggle. 11/10 would pick up more birds.

hello ! thanks for playing haha, it was nice to meet you !!!

I played your game and made a short video of my gameplay! The birds' designs are very cute and compeling and I love the animations for them as well! Keep up the great work!

Pigeon Simulator Game

this was so cute! thank you for allowing me to finally achieve my one true dream.