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This pigeon shooting calendar will help you plan your pest control. Pigeon shooting is popular all year round, although the spring months are often the best for those seeking sport after the end of the game bird season. The most important factor is knowing when to shoot pigeon, and over which crops. This useful pigeon shooting calendar will guide you through the year.



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Go pigeon shooting over rape and any frosted root crops such as potatoes, carrots, sugar beet and turnips if you have them.

Clay Pigeon Shooting Games For Free


Rape, again, is a strong draw as the pigeon’s core diet. Maize and other cover crops if chopped or ploughed in. And in hard weather, frosted crops such as cabbages, cauliflower and sprouts work well. Early spring clover can
be a big draw.

Pigeon Shooting Games Free Download


Rape will more or less sustain pigeon this month. As the soil warms, watch all spring drillings. Clover should be dragging them in by now for some sustained pigeon shooting.


Late spring drillings and peas can prove fruitful for pigeon shooting. Tree buds, especially ash, can be great this month.


A tricky month in the pigeon shooting calendar, with a lot around to tempt them. Peas and spring-sown rape, which will just be showing. Barring surprises, a sticky month to get under the tap.


Again, this month can be a difficult one in the pigeon shooting calendar, unless they’re belting the peas or seeds. That said, last June produced
some amazing bags over fields of failed rape, an opportunity not to be missed.


Once again, peas, either growing or harvested, but also laid cereal crops, especially barley or wheat at that milky stage.



Harvest time. Breeding pigeon will be on rape and almost any harvested crop. If hot and dry, remote drinking areas can be good places to find pigeon not busily engaged in attacking the crops.


Similar to August, so don’t overlook any freshly ploughed and harrowed land.


A difficult month in the pigeonshooting calendar owing to the weather. Be vigilant with autumn drill but also with wild foods such as acorns and beech masts.


Pigeon Shooting Uk

A lot depends on how much wild food is on offer, how well any autumn drilling crops have grown and the timing of harvests such as beet. If wild food is bountiful they seldom leave it.


Rape, mainly towards the month end, as other offers will exist. The odd stubble field may still drag a few in.

Glorious Game arrange pigeon shooting over more than 20,000 acres of ground in Hampshire, Berkshire & Wiltshire. We provide all the equipment - hides, seats and decoys - and stay close by you all day to ensure we offer the best possible shooting. We’ll also offer instruction if you’d like it too, as well as hire guns and cartridges.

In 2018 we had 20 days shooting with 42 hides and we shot 10,000 wood-pigeons. That’s an average 238 per hide. Our largest day was 1,087 birds to four guns.

Our professional guide has shot woodpigeons for 50 years (he bagged his first aged eight). He has been described by The Field as a “woodpigeon nemesis”, “a crack shot and pigeon junkie.” He’s not a bad coach either, as a renowned game-shot who regularly features in 1st XI lists of top pheasant shots.

A typical day

We will normally arrange a few days that work with guest’s diaries a few weeks before and then get back in touch three days before these dates in order to confirm where we will be shooting.

A day would start at between 8-10am; the hide will already be built for you.

Live Pigeon Shooting

Our professional guide will give a health and safety briefing and explain what you can and can't shoot. He will explain how a decoy pattern works and where he expects the birds to come, whether they are being flighted or decoyed.

Clay Pigeon Shooting Games Free

You will have lunch in the hide unless you’d like us to take you off for lunch.

Pigeon Games online, free

The shooting can continue until 3pm in the winter months and until 7pm in the summer months.