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The racing pigeon software prices quoted below are for orders paid for on this web site where the software is downloaded. The download file can easily be burned to a CD for safe keeping. Software Product.

NOTICE: Deister has moved its North American offices to the USA. The CRPU is now officially the sole Canadian supplier of the UNIKON clocking system, parts and UNIKON e-bands.


Sales of clocking system, parts and UNIKON e-bands will be done through the CRPU office. A price list will be listed here soon!

UNIKON Maintenance and Repairs

All Unikon maintenance and repairs will be done through the CU office by George Scott. All UNIKON clocks needing maintenance or repair can be sent directly to the CRPU office or dropped off at the office. Billing for repairs will be completed once the unit has been fixed and in working order.


  • UNIKON.exe file update(click here to view instructions how to replace the file)

UNIKON Downloads

UNIKON Manuals


Please read before installing clock updates!

Racing Pigeon Software

These software and firmware downloads are for the USA and Canadian UNIKON flyers only!

Racing Pigeons For Sale

For more info Contact the CRPU Office.