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To make pigeon training scientific and digitalized, we developed small and light GPS tracker, Jixiangle Skyleader GPS tracker ring, for pigeon. Pigeon’s flight tracks are digitalized and recorded to the cloud by Skyleader V2.0. With the digitalized data, pigeon fancier can have a better understanding of the actual flight situations of his.

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Suitable for all pigeon breeds

The ZooEasy software is suitable for keeping track of information about breeding for all pigeon breeds including Croppers, Tumblers, Highflyers and many more. ZooEasy is also extremely suitable for breeders, associations and studbooks of pigeons. Does your pigeon have an unknown bloodline? You can also easily register all other information about your pigeons with this program. Everyone can work with ZooEasy: from starting breeders to professional breeders and associations.

Our software is perfect for saving the records of all pigeons. Note the name, gender, registration number, date of birth, parents and appearance such as color. This way you can easily follow unlimited bloodlines later. Keep track of all health, exhibition and performance information. Also add a picture to complete your records. This completes the basic information that will help you to make responsible breeding choices. You can save data or print it on your personal pedigree.

Lowered inbreed percentage

Game Pigeon Download For Mac


Pigeon Program Download Free

Prevent inbreeding of your pigeons through accurate administration. ZooEasy gives you insight! When entering the details, select this pigeons parents. Our software automatically calculates the inbreeding percentage of your animals. The more generations you enter, the more accurate the calculations are. And the lower the inbreeding percentage, the better this is for your pigeons health.

Pigeon Software Download

At ZooEasy we use the calculation method of Wright, supplied by the Wageningen University and Research Center (WUR). In 1921 the American genetic Sewall Wright came with the calculation that shows the likeliness that two individuals are related to each other. Essential when you work with healthy pigeons!