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(1) Pigeon Hole is a Canadian hip hop duo, consisting of Colin 'Dusty Melo' McCue and Lee 'Marmalade' Napthine of the band Sweatshop Union. Already an established act on the local hip hop scene in their hometown of Vancouver prior to joining Sweatshop Union, they released their first album as a duo, Age Like Astronauts, in 2010 on URBNET Records. Pigeonhole brought our conference to another level by improving the two-way communication between our speakers and our audience. If you want to get more quality interaction at your conference or event, Pigeonhole Live is the right choice; easy setup, complete feature, and top customer support. Royalty-free pigeon photos free download. Advertisements; 1667x2517px. Pigeon hole mailboxes, bokeh. White grey pigeon, domestic pigeon, bird, cross. Low angle side view of young woman in office inserting paperwork into pigeon hole - pigeon hole stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images many yellow rubber ducks in white wooden pigeon hole boxes with one different black duck among all the yellow rubber ducks, standing out from the crowd. Isolated on white, clipping path included. Download Pigeon hole images and photos. Over 241 Pigeon hole pictures to choose from, with no signup needed. Download in under 30 seconds.

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Literal pigeonholes
A desk featuring pigeonholes
A pigeon-hole messagebox at Stanford University.
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Alternative forms[edit]


pigeon +‎ hole.

Originally literal hole for pigeons, later similar compartments for paper, then extended metaphorically in verb sense of narrowly categorizing or deferring.


  • Audio (US)


pigeonhole (pluralpigeonholes)

  1. One of an array of compartments for housingpigeons.
  2. One of an array of compartments for receivingmail and othermessages at a college, office, etc.
    Fred was disappointed to find his pigeonhole empty except for bills and a flyer offering 20% off on manicures.
  3. One of an array of compartments for storingscrolls at a library.
  4. A similarcompartment in a desk, used for sorting and storingpapers.


  • Chinese:
    Mandarin: 鴿棚(zh), 鸽棚(zh)(gēpéng)
  • Dutch: duivenhok(nl)n, duiventil(nl)f
  • Finnish: kyyhkyslakka(fi)
  • Greek: περιστερώνας(el)m(peristerónas)
  • Italian: piccionaia(it)f
  • Macedonian: гулабарникm(gulabarnik)
  • Russian: голуби́ное гнездо́n(golubínoje gnezdó)
  • Chinese:
    Mandarin: 分類架, 分类架(fēnlèijià), 文件架(wénjiànjià)
  • Czech: [poštovní(cs)] přihrádka(cs)f
  • Dutch: vak(nl)n
  • Finnish: lokero(fi)
  • German: Fach(de)n
  • Greek: γραμματοθυρίδαf(grammatothyrída), θυρίδα(el)f(thyrída)
  • Italian: casellario(it)m
  • Macedonian: преградаf(pregrada), чекмеџеn(čekmedže), фахm(fah)
  • Portuguese: escaninho(pt)m
  • Russian: отделе́ние для бума́гn(otdelénije dlja bumág)
  • Spanish: casilla(es)f, casillerom
  • Swedish: fack(sv)


pigeonhole (third-person singular simple presentpigeonholes, present participlepigeonholing, simple past and past participlepigeonholed)

  1. To categorize; especially to limit or be limited to a particular category, role, etc.
    Fred was tired of being pigeonholed as a computer geek.
    • 1902, Jack London, A Daughter of the Snows
      He prided himself on his largeness when he granted that there were three kinds of women... Not that he pigeon-holed Frona according to his inherited definitions.
  2. To put aside, to not act on (proposals, suggestions, advice).
    • 1910, Angus Hamilton, Herbert Henry Austin, Masatake Terauchi, Korea: Its History, Its People, and Its Commerce, page 294
      These laws were not carried into effect: they were pigeon-holed.
    • 1917, The Crisis, November 1917 issue, The Looking Glass: Election laws in Southern California, page 29
      [...] vociferously declared that they had the evidence. But no one prosecutes. No one swears out a warrant. The evidence is pigeonholed.
    • 2008, Edward Sidlow, Beth Henschen, America at Odds, page 251
      Alternatively, the chairperson may decide to put the bill aside and ignore it. Most bills that are pigeonholed in this manner receive no further action.


  • (not act on):mothball, shelve, table, glove box


Pigeon hole wolves downloads
to categorize; especially to limit or be limited to a particular category, role, etc
  • Catalan: encasellar(ca)
  • Dutch: hokjesdenken
  • Finnish: lokeroida, luokitella(fi)
  • French: cataloguer(fr), ranger dans une case
  • German: in eine Schublade stecken
  • Hungarian: beskatulyáz
  • Italian: classificare(it), etichettare(it)
  • Japanese: 決めつける(kimetsukeru)
  • Macedonian: вбројува(vbrojuva)
  • Spanish: encasillar(es)
  • Swedish: placera i ett fack

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