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Heyy!!! :D I decided to creat a page where you can see all otomes playable! I will start putting more games and uptade it later. I hope it help you or/and you find some great games!
Here’s a list of the majority of flash otome game on Internet:

»on deviant art patchesis
Amy mades a lot of great games <3 (she’s on tumblr too if u wanna follow her: patchesis

  1. Hi, just letting the creator know that on Josuke's route, I went from a scene where we're in the classroom cleaning up books (he tells me I can go home, so I choose to go) straight to a scene where I'm in his room studying and calling him boring for some reason and saying something about a beach.
  2. To the dating sim newcomers out there, I suggest that you try out other dating sims as well (look up Voltage; they have tons of dating sims in the App Store) before you dive into Hatoful Boyfriend so you get the feel of the genre. This app has a satirical take on dating sims so if you haven't played one before, you'll totally miss the point here.

»yuki-mio on deviant art
1-Gakuen : Sim Date
2-Prom sim date
3-My dream model
4-Summer Holiday
5-Love In World Of Vampires
6 Rock Vs Pop

Want a fun and flirty game that’s guaranteed to make you laugh out loud and have a good time? Welcome to Crush Crush - an idle dating sim! Match with hot anime girls and have fun flirting your way to romance. Chat with your crush and go on dates with fun female friends who are looking for love.

»others games on deviant:
-Demon Hunt (more a VN and has a Tumblr)
-Forest demon dating game
-xXVampire loverXx Date game
-Robotic Sim date
-Brightened day
-BSA Shade
-Four season
-Heavenly Playgirl Dating sim
-Honey’s Cup of Tea
-LINEAR - Demo (projet realsed as Ex Astris )
-Love potion
-Mori no Monogatari (PLAY IT ! x)
-My sunshine
-Sim date
-Spring Ball Trouble
-Valentines Sim Date
-Winter Dance

»cafe rouge 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7
(good luck with this game ;)

»Skights(There’s 4ch in this game and it have the same creator as cafe rouge)

»Rose Destiny 1 / 2

»other age 1 / Second Encounter (2= demo)

»Will you be my valentine?

»Castle chase

» Memories Prologue / 1st Arc / 2st arc (in construction by Ksetsuni)

nummyz productions
»Kaleidoscope 1 / 2
»I Wanna be a Popstar
»Jenna Moonlight 1 / 2
»Dynasty Lovers LINK 1 / LINK 2
»My cup of tea 1 / 2
» Purra academy LINK 1 / LINK 2

List of daily otome on internet:
-Candy love
-Star project (galaxy-games)

Have a great time playing !!

For more long game which you download to play on DeSumMe you have:
(Download DeSumMe :It’s Ds on cumpter).

-Tokimeki Memorial girl side s1 - Rom Jap / Patch or info here
-Tokimeki Memorial GS2 - all the info are here.
- Love revolution - Rom / Patch eng.
- Princess debut - Rom and I think he came in english :/
Some game you can download without DeSumMe but must have Daemon Tools Lite :
-Yo-Jin-Bo The Bodyguards ( have 4parts) : Download here
Games that u just need to download :
-Starry Sky- in spring (4parts = game and 3parts = english patch), you can all download it here.
-The Second Reproduction / Download rar(7) or torrent
- Boku no Shokora / Download rar or Torrent
- Hakuouki / Downald on this site, you will need a PSP simulator and many other things… so it made me discouraged and I didn’t downald it xD But I know people who brought the game or played it. and it look nice
and most of the others game are in Japanese and don’t have a english patch.Don’t forgot to buy the game for the creator so they can have more support :)

You also have lemmasoft.renai.us, this site come with many amateur game, there is some visual novel and otome there. It’s just a game you download and you don’t need DeSumMe. I loved many of the games. Some look amazing even though they say they are amateur…
Here some I recommend:

A troll’s fairy tale
A2 a due
Doppelganger : Dawn of The Inverted Soul
Frozen Essence
Fantsia, Realm of Thanos (I love the bad one and I just did his routexD)
Fantsia Requiem of The Abyss (continue the 1st Fantsia)
Get Dumped
Grinning Heart
Halloween otome
Heartsing bugs
Idol Crush
Memoirs of an angel
Momento Dears
My teacher
One Leaf Cover
(P)lanets - the life of normalcy has ended!
Pyrite heart
RE: Alistair++
Signed X
Summer found me
The Knife of the Traitor
Uncomplted games that I think would be nice x)
There is mannnnyyyyyyy others otome there :)
If you don’t want to play the otome on computer, you have some otome application like:

-Voltage inc. or Solmare NTT or Koyonplete(if you paid the routes)
-East Tower or Keitai Guardian or ren’ai shugi Road to Emerald where you pay immediatly all the routes. There are some Solmare NTT where you buy all the routes at the begenning.
-London Detective Story (free)
See all the app here (2010 to 2012) or else u can see them here
or on there official webpage Voltage inc. or Solmare NTT or Koyonplete

I hope you enjoy it! And if you like or want me to add some others otome don’t hesitate to send me a message or an ask!

Recommend to watch the trailer for the game The Sims 1



The Sims 1 Overview

Best gaming site offers The Sims 1 game free. download full version for pc. The Sims is a strategic life-simulation video game developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts, it was released on February 4, 2000. Its development was led by game designer Will Wright, also known for developing SimCity. It is a simulation of the daily activities of one or more virtual persons («Sims») in a suburban household near SimCity.


The Sims 1 Reception

In 2002, The Sims became the top-selling PC game in history, displacing the game Myst, by selling more than 11.3 million copies worldwide. As of February 7, 2005, the game has shipped 16 million copies worldwide. Critics praised it with positive reviews. It has been a success in many ways—attracting casual gamers and female gamers (the latter making up almost 60% of players). It became a best-seller shortly after launch. In March 2009, Electronic Arts announced that The Sims, as a franchise, has sold more than 110 million copies. Game Informer ranked it the 80th best game ever made in its 100th issue in 2001. Do you have a very good opportunity to The Sims 1 game free. download full version for pc.


The Sims 1 Gameplay

Pigeon Dating Sim English Download Free Download

The Sims uses a combination of 3D and 2D graphics techniques. The Sims themselves are rendered as but the house, and all its objects, are pre-rendered, and displayed dimetrically.

While gameplay occurs in the game's Live mode, the player may enter Build mode or Buy mode to pause time and renovate the house or lot. When the game begins, each family will start off with §20,000 Simoleons (regardless of its number of members). These funds can be used to purchase a small house or vacant lot on the Neighborhood screen. Once a lot is purchased, a house can be constructed or remodeled in Build mode, and/or purchase or move furniture in the Buy mode. All architectural features and furnishings customizable in the Build and Buy modes follow a square tile system in which items must be placed on a tile. Walls and fences go on the edge of a tile and can follow the edge of the tile or cross it, but furniture items cannot be placed on either side of a crossed tile. The base game contains over 150 items including furniture and architectural elements. Only with this torrent resource can The Sims 1 game free. download full version for pc.

Sims are instructed by the player to interact with objects, such as a television set, or other Sims. Sims may receive guests, invited or not, from other playable lots or from a pool of unhoused NPC Sims. If enabled in the game's options, Sims can have a certain amount of free will, allowing them to autonomously interact with their world. However, the player can override most autonomous actions, by cancelling them out in the action queue at the top of the screen. Unlike the simulated environments in games such as SimCity, SimEarth, or SimLife, the Sims are not fully autonomous. They are unable to take certain actions without specific commands from the player, such as paying their bills, finding a job, working out, and conceiving children.

The player can make decisions about time spent in skill development, such as exercise, reading, creativity, and logic, by adding activities to the daily agenda of the Sims. Daily needs such as hygiene maintenance and eating can and must also be scheduled. Although Sims can autonomously perform these actions, they may not prioritize them effectively. Much like real humans, Sims can suffer consequences for neglecting their own needs. In addition to fulfilling their needs, Sims need to maintain balanced budgets. The most conventional method of generating an income is to obtain a job. The game presents various career tracks with ten jobs. Sims may earn promotions by fulfilling skill and friendship requirements of each level, which lead to new job titles, increased wages, and different work hours. Other means of generating an income include creating and selling various items such as artworks and gnomes at home. Sims use a fictional language called Simlish.

The inner structure of the game is actually an agent based artificial life program. The presentation of the game's artificial intelligence is advanced, and the Sims will respond to outside conditions by themselves, although often the player/controller's intervention is necessary to keep them on the right track. The Sims technically has unlimited replay value, in that there is no way to win the game, and the player can play on indefinitely. It has been described as more like a toy than a game.

Pigeon Dating Sim English Download Free Pc

In addition, the game includes a very advanced architecture system. The game was originally designed as an architecture simulation alone, with the Sims there only to evaluate the houses, but during development it was decided that the Sims were more interesting than originally anticipated and their once limited role in the game was developed further.

While there is no eventual objective to the game, states of failure do exist in The Sims. One is that Sims may die, either by starvation, drowning, fire, or electrocution. When a Sim dies, a tombstone or an urn will appear in (In later expansion packs the Grim Reaper will appear first), the ghost of the deceased Sim may haunt the building where it died. In addition, Sims can leave a household (and game) for good and never return, if fed up with another Sim; two adult Sims with a bad relationship may brawl, eventually resulting in one of them moving out. Children will be sent away for good if they fail their classes.

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