Mac Pink Pigeon Lipstick Swatch

MAC The Matte Lip - Lipsticks - $16 each at Nordstrom

Update: MAC has restocked Pink Pigeon and Party Parrot lipsticks and blushes from Strength! All are available as of 1/8 at 6:26 PM PST. All are available as of 1/8 at 6:26 PM PST. MAC Strength Lipsticks ($15.00 for 0.10 oz. Each) includes five shades: Absolute Power (rich red), Firm Form (gilded black with gold pearl), Party Parrot (bright red.

  1. Sep 24, 2013 Review by Agnirupa MAC Strength Collection Lipstick Pink Pigeon Let's face the truth about LE things, its not a good idea.Atleast, it might be a mighty marketing strategy of the bigwigs but for us- the poor,crazy,tortured make up addicts:( make up when it comes in limited editions is not at all good news.
  2. Girl About Town: is a cool toned blue based hot pink lipstick. It is possibly one of my favourite shade of bright pink in lipsticks. Cosmo: is an amplified Creme finish lipstick by MAC. MAC describes the shades as “Pink Coco”. It is a tea rose pink colour. My most favourite shade ever.

Continuing with MAC makeup swatches, I also spotted the MAC Matte Lip collection (sunmer 2015) at Nordstroms. The collection, as the name suggests, includes matte/retromatte lipsticks and lipliners. I didn't check the lipliners, but here's a look at the swatches of the lipsticks in this collection. Retromatte lipsticks are the true true mattes in that they are really dry and matte while the Matte lipsticks seem a little more forgiving, imo.
MAC The Matte Lip Collection Summer 2015 - Swatches
Studded Kiss - Dark oxblood red
Instigator - Deep blackened plum
Pink Plaid - Dirty blue pink
Taupe - Muted reddish taupe brown
Tropic Tonic - Full power coral
Relentlessly Red - Bright pinkish coral matte
Naturally Transformed - Muted golden beige
MAC The Matte Lipstick Collection Summer 2015 - Swatches
Kinda Sexy - Neutral pinky rose
Please Me - Muted rosy-tinted pink
Ruby Woo - Very matte vivid blue red
Matte Royal - Deep blue
D For Danger - Berry red
Stone - Muted greyish taupe brown
Antique Velvet - Intense brown
Men Love Mystery - Lavender violet
MAC The Matte Lipstick Collection Summer 2015 - Swatches
Pink Pigeon - Bright clean pink
Runway Hit - Light nude matte (retromatte)
Persistence - Peachy cinnamon
The two lipsticks on the left are part of the Lancome Jason-Wu collection.
MAC The Matte Lipstick Collection Summer 2015 - Swatches
Mehr - Blue pink
Whirl - Rose brown
Dangerous - Orangey red (retromatte)
Candy Yum Yum - Neon pink
Lady Danger - Vivid bright coral red
All Fired Up - Bright fuchsia (retromatte)
Studded Kiss - Dark oxblood red
Steady Going - Light pink (retromatte)
Heroine - Bright purple

*Some of the lipsticks I have swatched are not actually part of the MAC Matte Lip collection. The display had these mixed up, and I just added them along.
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Review, Swatches and Dupe of MAC Lipstick Pink Pigeon

By Contributor: Samannita

When it comes to lipsticks I am always obsessed with pink shades, I don’t know why I always end up by buying the same shades from different brands. And here is the example of my stupid obsession..although I have Daddy’s Little Girl, Love Forever from MAC, I was still craving from Pink Pigeon. Pink pigeon is a Limited edition shade from Strength collection. And people like me are mad about LEs. And when it is a bright pink like Pink Pigeon, I guess the shade itself will say everything. Let’s start with my review and swatches.

MAC Claims: Colour plus texture for the lips. Stands out on the runway. Simmers on the street! What made M.A.C famous. Totally true for this lipstick

Pink Pigeon is a bright pink that might not suit dusky Indian skin tones but will look great on fair to medium skin tones. The shade in bright sunny weather looks awesome. It looks so neon pink on me which I really love. But the shade is such a looks different in different lights. But whatever the shade looks on me in whatever light I just love to see my lips again and again in my hand mirror that I always carry in my handbag! The pigmentation of the lipstick is awesome. A single swipe is enough to get the actual shade of the lipstick.

The finish is matte and the texture is so smooth. I don’t feel any pulling or tugging on my lips while applying the lipstick. As the lipstick is matte so application of lip balm prior to applying the lipstick is suggested for dry lips. And proper exfoliation is must before applying this lipstick else one will end up with flaky lips. The fragnance of the lipstick is the usual vanilla scent that vanishes within few minutes of application thus it is good for people with sensitive nose like I don’t use a lot of my lipsticks due to their fragnance which I can’t tolerate. Anyways coming to the review again!

The staying power of the lipstick is pretty good. It stays for more than 6 hours on me and fades away leaving a nice light pink tint on my lips.

The lipstick although being a limited edition comes in the regular packaging of MAC lipsticks, but the shade always matters more than the packaging. And who wants to spend extra bucks just for the packaging? So I am really happy that the price was not increased for being limited edition.

Swatches of Pink Pigeon in natural light

My lip swatches of Pink Pigeon

The thumbs up points of MAC Pink Pigeon Lipstick:

  • The vanilla smell of the lipstick.
  • Pigmented.
  • 1-2 swipes give opaque coverage.
  • Ideal for most of the Indian skin tones.
  • Bright pink usually for fair to medium skin tone mostly.
  • Stays for 6 hours approx. on my lips.

The Aaaaahssss of MAC Pink Pigeon Lipstick:

  • Availability as its limited edition.

Mac Pink Pigeon Lipstick Swatch Color Chart

Price: Rs.990

VNA Rating: 4/5

Dupe: Inglot Matte Lipstick 421

My Recommendation: MAC Pink Pigeon Lipstick is a nice bright pink but as it is a limited shade so I guess it is now not available but you can find dupes of this shade in other brands too.

Mac Pink Pigeon Lipstick Swatch

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