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Skeet shooting© laura.h/ Yet another questionable event on the roster of the 1900 Paris Games, live pigeon shooting was true to its name—actual live pigeons were used. Competitors had to shot as many birds as possible; after missing two in a row, the shooter was eliminated.

Live Pigeon Shooting Videos

  • I love game pigeon and all, but are a few flaws. Idk if it’s my phone (I don’t think it is it’s new) but whenever I try to just tap on GP to open it it doesn’t work so I have to open App Store, search up the app and tap open.
  • Live pigeon shooting - Date played: 1900 When Paris hosted the 1900 Olympic Games, live pigeon shooting was a key event, with Belgium's Leon de Lunden earning gold with 21 hits.

Hunt Challenge contains over 60 different hunting scenarios!

When you choose this package you'll find wild boars, grouses, pheasants, partridges, mallards and moose. Compete in one scenario at a time or set up a competition with several events and participants, the system takes care of it all!

Team and Single Tournament formats

Each with Birds, Boar, Moose, or a Mix of these.
Test your skills at 3 levels of difficulty and 3 different distances.
Looking for some variety? These games have 3 locations to choose from: Porter Creek, Emerald Trail and Atlin Mire

Quick Games include:

Live Pigeon Shooting Games

Duels, Bird, Partridge, Pheasant, Mallard, Grouse, Boar, Hills, Mire, Meadow, Wintry Road, Deforestation, Spanish Hills, Ravine, Hunting Trail, Mallard, Moose, Forest, Meadow, Deforestation, and Mire.

Single Games include:

Bird (Compete/Practice; Normal/Hard), Partridge, Pheasant, Mallard, Grouse, Boar, (Compete/Practice), Hills, Mire, Meadow, Wintry Road, Deforestation, Spanish Hills, Ravine, Hunting Trail, Moose (Compete/Practice; Drive Hunting/Spot and Stalk), Forest, Meadow, Deforestation, Mire

Glorious Game arrange pigeon shooting over more than 20,000 acres of ground in Hampshire, Berkshire & Wiltshire. We provide all the equipment - hides, seats and decoys - and stay close by you all day to ensure we offer the best possible shooting. We’ll also offer instruction if you’d like it too, as well as hire guns and cartridges.

In 2018 we had 20 days shooting with 42 hides and we shot 10,000 wood-pigeons. That’s an average 238 per hide. Our largest day was 1,087 birds to four guns.

Our professional guide has shot woodpigeons for 50 years (he bagged his first aged eight). He has been described by The Field as a “woodpigeon nemesis”, “a crack shot and pigeon junkie.” He’s not a bad coach either, as a renowned game-shot who regularly features in 1st XI lists of top pheasant shots.

A typical day

Live Pigeon Shooting Games Unblocked

We will normally arrange a few days that work with guest’s diaries a few weeks before and then get back in touch three days before these dates in order to confirm where we will be shooting.

A day would start at between 8-10am; the hide will already be built for you.

Our professional guide will give a health and safety briefing and explain what you can and can't shoot. He will explain how a decoy pattern works and where he expects the birds to come, whether they are being flighted or decoyed.

You will have lunch in the hide unless you’d like us to take you off for lunch.

Live Pigeon Shooting Games Free Online Games

The shooting can continue until 3pm in the winter months and until 7pm in the summer months.