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For more on the WTA's Original 9, read our write-ups on each of tennis' trailblazing women.

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Little nuggets of advice from Gladys Heldman would come in handy for an impressionable Kristy Pigeon. In her early years as a professional tennis player, Pigeon like many others, felt the cloud of pay disparity raining over female competitors, yet wondered how it could be addressed.

Leaf Of Pigeon Games

Leaf Of Pigeon Game

“We felt that we were equally as entertaining and we should receive equal prize money for a number of reasons, not just because of the crowd appeal, but just because it is the right thing,” Pigeon told Tennis Channel. “And we would get together, we would have big group discussions on the lawn, and everyone would join and say, ‘well how are we going to do this?’”

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Pigeon, who won junior Wimbledon in 1968, hadn’t exactly carved out a plan to continue playing as an adult. The lefty was inspired by Heldman’s moxie, drawn to her ability to take the ball in her own hands. Encouraged by the accomplished businesswoman to write a letter to Joe Cullman, CEO of Philip Morris, Pigeon soon arrived at a crossroads: return to college or stick with tennis? With a phone call from Heldman revealing she had plans in motion to stage her own women’s-only event, Pigeon's path was certified.

“Gladys called me and said, ‘I’m going to have a tournament at the same time. I want you to come and play because there is going to be some earth-shattering things that happen there. Can you come; can you leave school?,’” recalled Pigeon. “So I gave up going to class and went to Houston where the tournament was organized with the other girls and we had some serious talks about which way we could go.”

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Cullman would ultimately pull the trigger, arranging for his company’s Virginia Slims line to sponsor Heldman’s groundbreaking tournament. While some players had initial concerns about athletes aligning with smoking, Pigeon didn’t view the partnership through that lens.

“It wasn’t so much that we were promoting smoking. They never asked us to do that,” said Pigeon. “We were promoting the attitude that was later developed by the WTA that women are strong and strong is beautiful. Over and out.”

The fortitude of Pigeon and eight other women officially emerged on September 23, 1970, when the Original 9 signed symbolic $1 contracts with Heldman at the Houston Racquet Club. Fifty years later, WTA players lead the charge as the world’s Top 9-highest paid female athletes. And on Monday, Pigeon and the fellow trailblazers she banded together with were announced on the 2021 International Tennis Hall of Fame ballot—the first group in history to be nominated.

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Species name: African Green Pigeon
Scientific name:Treron calvus
Weight: Male: 160 – 280g Female: 130 – 220g
Overall length: Male: 25 – 30cm Female: 25 – 30cm
General habitat: They prefer Savanah, woodland, forest, and bushveld areas. In Sabi Sabi you might often find them in the thick leaf canopies of Jackalberry trees.
Diet: They eat a variety of different fruits, especially Jackalberry fruits and figs from Fig trees.

There are plenty of birds throughout the vast Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve, but not all of them are as colourful and vibrant as the African Green Pigeon. From a distance they might not seem as colourful as you might have thought but do yourself a favour and look through a pair of binoculars – only then will you start to see their true beauty. If you view them from the bottom to the top you will firstly notice their bright orange/red legs and feet; their thighs are covered with vibrant yellow feathers; the bottom part of their body and the head and neck area are greyish green in colour; the back and tail has a more olive green to yellowish green colour; and finally, you will see their white eyes and their bright red and white beak. This colouration gives them the perfect camouflage in their environment while searching for fruit in the tree canopies and when situated on their nesting sight. They are also extremely acrobatic and will sometimes hang upside down like what some parrots do to get to fruits on trees.

African Green Pigeons will normally nest in the thick leaf canopies of trees. The nest is saucer shaped and usually constructed with branched twigs. The twigs are quite thick and unlike most doves, African Green Pigeons won’t just pick twigs up from the ground, they will rather break twigs off from trees. The nest is usually lined with soft leaves from trees. Males are known to collect the building material whereas the females will usually construct the nest.

They will normally nest between September and December. The female will usually lay two eggs and both male and female will incubate the eggs. The eggs will hatch into chicks after thirteen to fourteen days of incubation. Both male and female will assist in feeding the chicks.

Even though they are mostly found in thick leaf canopies of trees, African Green Pigeons will sometimes bunch together in dead trees or any exposed area during cold days, allowing them to warm up in the sun’s rays.

What I find fascinating is that African Green Pigeons may sometimes fly to the ground and eat soil for certain nutrients, this behaviour is known as geophagy.

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They are amazing birds and truly stand out as one of the prettier birds in the bushveld. Come join us on a Sabi Sabi safari and you might just get the chance to see or even hear this vibrant bird.

My Memorable Sighting

My most memorable sightings of African Green Pigeons are when they utter their unique call. Sometimes I drive to a riverine area where there are lots of fruit-bearing trees. I will switch the safari vehicle off and then just sit and listen. African Green Pigeons are not the easiest to spot because of their unique colours that blend in with the tree canopies, but luckily their very distinctive call gives their position away very easily. Their call starts off with some clicking trills, followed by high pitched whistling, and finally ended off by frog like croaks and grunts almost sounding like Tarzan yelling out while beating his fists on his chest. This is probably one of my favourite bird calls in the African bush, and whenever I hear the African Green Pigeon calling, it makes me feel right at home.

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Blog by Frederik Aucamp (Little Bush Camp Ranger)