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Hunting in Argentina

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Welcome to Rancho Salvaje- the home of the finest duck hunting, bird hunting, high volume dove hunting, and big game hunting in Argentina.

Rancho Salvaje has been outfitting bird hunting trips to Argentina for more than 30 years. Daniel Zanuso, the owner and operator, was born and raised in Argentina and is a life-long hunter. I have been to Argentina 93 times and have accompanied hundreds of hunters from all over the world. My familiarity with the country, combined with Daniel’s knowledge and expertise, equals a truly personalized experience for you, the hunter.

Rancho Salvaje operates differently than other hunting outfitters. Daniel leases around 20 ranches throughout the country, making it possible for the hunters to take advantage of the concentration of game on each site for wing shooting. Since ducks and geese are migratory, it is important to be very mobile.


Argentina has a stable political environment, and a very favorable exchange rate. The US Dollar goes a lot further here. The Argentine people, unlike other South Americans, are very warm and welcoming to Americans. The USA has a good relationship with Argentina and this comes across to American visitors. Argentina is a first-world economy that maintains western standards for food and water quality. All the water supplies are safe, and the food is truly delicious.

Because of Argentina’s size and diversity of climates, the country is able to support a wide range of crops. To the hunter, this means a wide variety of birds and animals where you can enjoy the hunting trips to Argentina. Each year we add new ranches to our selection to choose from according to the water conditions. The outfitter scouts each day for the best bird locations for upland hunting which also known as bird hunting in American term.

We added a new feature to our organization: a dove special for Off-Season Hunting. I consider April and September to be the two best months for this special. Other months might be a little too hot for most hunters. I took a group of 8 people this past April for 4 days; they shot 15,500 doves. The only reason some of the hunters did not hunt the full 4 days was because they didn’t listen to me when I told them to put a hand towel on their shoulder for a cushion!

Rancho Salvaje has been featured frequently on the direct satellite television show “KnockOut Hunting Adventures”. Clips from our television shows are featured in each category: doves, ducks, pigeon, goose and big game.

There are many combo Bird hunts that are popular:

  • Six-day duck, dove, perdiz, rabbit and pigeon hunting from one location from May 1st until mid August

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  • Four-day combo, same as above.
  • Six Day: 3 day duck combo and 3 day perdiz hunting in two locations
  • Six Day: Perdiz only with pointer dogs in one location.

All of the above bird hunt packs can be customized – look on the Price List Page for details

If you are by yourself or with just a few other hunters. I can easily add you to another small group to try and make a six-hunter party.

If you have any questions, regarding bird hunting, feel free to call me at 561-347-1279. If I am away from the phone, please leave a message and I will return your call promptly.


Roger (“The Argentina Bird Man”)

My Heart felt THANK YOU !

I wanted to take a second to thank you again for all your assistance during our trip with communication and direction. Without you it could have been a bit tough to understand . The trip far exceeded my expectations and I enjoyed every moment and each new experience that I was able to go on. The food was first class, ( I gained five pounds ) the people were friendly and did all they could to enhance the total experience, the lodge was welcoming and comfortable. within the first day or so it was like visiting old friends instead of a foreign country. Please feel free to convey my heart felt thank you to everyone at the lodge and even those CRAZY Drivers who transported us to and from the airport. I certainly hope that they enjoyed our group as much as we enjoyed them . It was like leaving old friends the afternoon that we went to the airport. I will certainly cherish my memories and hope to do it again as soon as I can get these guys back together again.

My Heart felt THANK YOU ! to you and everyone at
Rancho Salvaje ! “W T F”

Knockout Game Pigeon

Knockout Game Pigeon

Rick Rigdon

Knockout Game Pigeon Racing

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Recent Trip to Safari Rancho Salvaje


Rick’s recent comments to you said it very well as to how we all felt about our recent trip to safari rancho salvaje.

Your description of the facility and everything was right on. In fact, it was much more than i expected and anticipated. The young men that helped us each day were hard workers and made sure we were well taken care of during each hunt.

I agree with you that the pigeon hunts are fantastic. I did not know that pigeons decoyed so well. it was pass shooting a larger bird at its finest. Sharing the wonderful field luncheon with you and my hunting partners made for an interesting day.

If we had booked only dove shooting, we would have miss out on what that area of Argentina really had to offer. There is so much more there than the multitude of doves.

Shooting the pardiz over the dogs brought back many memories for me of past trips to Iowa and the Dakota’s chasing pheasants. The duck hunts were tough early am starts but the plethora and quantity of different ducks was something to experience. I have always wanted to harvest a Cinnamon teal and it was quite beautiful.

The food and and the accommodations were excellent and we all look forward to a return trip to Safari Rancho Salvaje. thank you for all your help in putting this together.