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  • With GamePigeon you can take on your friend in a game of 8-Ball, show your skills in Poker, claim victory in Sea Battle, play with words in Anagrams, or flip for fun in Gomoku.
  • Aug 13, 2015 Byril’s Sea Battle is a mobile version of the popular board game Battleship, only with a few new twists. You can challenge players from all over the world, make use of your wide range of weapons, and fill up the battlefield with ships of different sizes. You can also launch aircraft to attack rival ships.
  • Sea Battle 2 is everyone's favorite board game from their childhood with new abilities and an expanded arsenal! Millions of people around the world play this game. You will have battleships, airplanes, submarines, mines, and radar at your disposal—and that's not all. Place your battleships on the battlefield and launch attacks on your opponent's field. Use various types of weapons to sink.
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Developer: BYRIL
Sea Battle 2 - is an exciting action game for smartphones and tablets, which is familiar to many since childhood. Probably, many users at least once in their lives organized a competition with friends by drawing on a sheet of paper two fields, one of which is filled with their ships, the other as the gameplay develops, the opponent's swimming facilities appear. The number of moves is determined by the scale of the combat space.
In the mobile version, you do not need to draw anything, just press the start button and you will see an Arsenal ready for battle. You can play with computer intelligence, or with a friend, or other people online. Also being in the coverage area of Bluetooth, it is possible to use its services for incendiary confrontation. The gameplay is no different from the paper version, the meaning is the same-to shoot down the enemy flotilla first, which will be marked by an absolute victory.
Special problems with perception should not arise. The principle is clear, user-friendly interface, management at the level of primary school students. All that is required is an irresistible desire and the ability to think logically to accurately determine the location of enemy ships. Sea Battle 2 on our website, fast and free. Age restrictions fun has no rating is consistent with the content.

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The game 'Sea Battle' helps people pass the timeat lessons, lectures, lunch breaks or just on cold winter evenings for more than 80 years. Over this time, many generations have changed, but the game is still relevant. Although it is superseded by more modern and dynamic computer games, today it is almost impossible to find a schoolboy who does not know how to play sea battle and what it is all about. I will tell you about the rules of the game, and also describe the winning tactics. Consider how to play sea battle.

Rules of the game

The playing field of each player is aa square of 10x10, on which ships are placed. The field must contain numeric and alphabetic coordinates (vertical numbers 1-10, and horizontal letters from a to k). For the classic game four unicellular ships (submarines), three two-cell (destroyers), two three-cell (cruisers) and one four-cell ship (battleship) are used. They are drawn inside the square. According to the rules, ships should not touch. It's best to play on a piece of paper, because the drawing of the ships is an outgrowth of the cells. One deck is one cell. You can place ships both horizontally and vertically. Next to his square, the player draws a second one, which marks 'shots' on the opponent. When you hit an opponent in the ship, a cross is placed on someone else's field. The fallen player makes another shot.


  • The number of ships does not comply with the rules
  • The ships are located close to each other
  • Changed the size of the field
  • Wrong coordinates specified

Process of the game

  • The players decide who will be the first to go
  • The player performing the move, calls the coordinate, in which, in his opinion, the rival's ship is located. For example, the square A1.
  • In case of a miss, the opponent must say 'Past!' When hit 'Popal', 'Ranil' or 'Kill', depending on the size of the ship.
  • The game continues until the sinking of all the ships of one of the players.

How to win a sea battle

Game Pigeon Sea Battle Cheat

This strategy is one of manyoptions for building a battle. Its essence lies in the fact that all large ships (from two to four cells) are located in one corner of the field and as compact as possible. But unicellular ships are scattered over the remainder of the field. As a result, your rival will quickly find a zone for grouping large ships fairly quickly and begin to destroy them mercilessly. At this moment, he will feel like a genius, but we know what a dirty trick is. During the time that the opponent spends on the search for small ships, you are most likely to have time to understand his tactics and destroy most of the ships, thereby making him nervous. The rest is a matter of technology. This article described the rules, the process of the game and gives examples of winning tactics, how to win in the sea battle. With a competent approach, all the above can serve as a good knowledge base for obtaining maximum pleasure from the game.