How To Win Game Pigeon Mini Golf

From the creators of Mini Golf King comes a new Golf game featuring real-time 1v1 matches, realistic courses of stunning graphics, customizable characters, intuitive shot control and even more fun! Play on beautiful courses against rivals around the world in online battles! Win and collect trophies to unlock higher tours. If you make a 4 on Hole 1 and your opponent makes a 5, you win that hole. The winner of the overall match is the one who wins the most holes. Stableford system: In Stableford scoring, your score in relation to par is converted into points, and it's the number of total points (rather than total strokes) that determines the winner.

  1. How To Win Game Pigeon Mini Golf

A game generally reserved for double dates and family outings, you might not think there's a lot of finesse involved in mini golf. But there's more to the game than meets the eye, which is why we turned to mini-golf pro Brad Lebo—yes, there is such a thing—to learn some mini-golf tips.

When you're learning how to play mini golf, Lebo should be your go-to guy. He has four national championships to his name, plus a coveted green jacket from the mini-golf Master's. During peak times, he travels to two, often three tournaments a weekend, so he's picked up a fair supply of putt-putt tips along the way.

1. Know the difference between Putt-Putt and mini golf.

Our mini golf tips start before you even hit the greens. First things, first: are you at Putt-Putt or a miniature golf course? There's a big strategic difference between the two styles, one that has an impact on how you approach the game.

  • Putt-Putt courses are designed for low-scoring games with a lot of holes-in-one.
  • Miniature golf courses incorporate wildly creative design features and lots of obstacles, so players are often trying to make the hole in a baseline of two shots.

Knowing this difference before you get started will help you strategize your approach to each hole. For example, you'd be less inclined to try—and fail—to shoot the ball under the T-rex's legs and through Windmill in a single shot.

2. Pick the right mini-golf putter.

How do you know you're using the correct putter? When you get into position, the top of the putter should hit you at about belt level, with your hands positioned near the middle of the grip. Have your own putter? Bring it. Lebo always does.

3. Take stock before you start.

Before the first hole, take a walk around and get a feel for the lay of the land. Are there any water traps? Slopes? 'Balls generally will tend to break toward bodies of water and towards any dropoffs in the elevation of the land,' Lebo says.

To figure out how to play mini golf, one of the easiest things you can do is walk from the tee to the cup. This will help you note any obstacles, uneven surfaces, or other hazards. Take a look at the border, too; if you want to bounce the ball off an edge, you'll want to avoid any uneven spots or gaps when you aim.

4. Pick a target.

How to win game pigeon mini golf hole in one

One of the best tips for learning how to win at mini golf is to pick a very precise aiming spot. This will boost your accuracy—but Lebo says you're not always aiming for a hole-in-one. Remember, as we said at the beginning, many mini-golf holes are designed to take you at least two strokes. So choose a very specific spot, whether it's a scuff on the ground or a nick in the bricks. Draw a mental line from your ball to that spot.

5. Set yourself up for success.

When you step up to the tee, your feet should be aligned with that mental line you've just envisioned. Keep the ball lined up with the inside edge of your forward foot (that will be the left foot if you're right-handed, or the right foot if you're left-handed). From here, your eyeline is crucial—direct your eyes right over that imaginary line.

6. Watch your speed.

Before you start, try some test shots to get a feel for how fast the ball travels. If there's not a practice green available, then just pay close attention on your first few holes. Cut off your putt as soon as the ball starts moving. Depending on the surface, speed can vary widely from course to course—so what worked for you at Pirate's Cove may not work at Lost Sock Mountain.

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Three Steps to Planning a Perfect Family Golf Outing
A day on the links should be a relaxing occasion—even if you're with family.

I stumbled across this article on ‘how to win at mini golf’ and felt that with the beautiful weather expected this weekend, this is a perfect time to promote this fun activity.

From kitschy themed courses to professional putt-putt tournaments, miniature golf is big again. Whether you are looking for family fun, seeking to impress a date or honing your skills for international competition, follow these tips to win at miniature golf.

1. Practice your putts. No matter how many windmills and waterfalls they throw at you, miniature golf is really just a series of putting greens. Grip the putter securely, and swing from the shoulders, not the wrists. Don’t shift your feet, and keep the putter face square.

2. Walk the course. Become familiar with the obstacles and tricks if you’re playing adventure-style golf, and the layout of the holes if it’s a more traditional putt-putt course. Your miniature golf score card may give you an overview of the course, along with the par for each hole.

3. Focus on the hole. Tune out distractions like revolving wickets and fire breathing dragons by maintaining a Zen-like concentration. Winning at miniature golf can also mean overcoming off-course distractions like mosquitoes (a hazard of night play) and summer thunderstorms, and navigating unplanned obstacles like wandering toddlers, spilled ice cream cones and the occasional squirrel.

4. Save strokes. To stay on or below par, avoid hitting too hard (it’s putting, not the long game). Look for direct-route alternatives which skip the castle drawbridge or water hazard; they’re usually hidden in little-noticed corners. Bank putts off bumpers and other obstacles and check your second-shot lie from both sides of the hole to choose the best angle.

5. Take your game to the next level. Once you’ve amazed your family and friends, and allowed your minigolfing buddies to buy you a round of root beers at the snack bar, it may be time to think about hitting the tour or turning pro. The World Minigolf Sport Foundation runs competitions like the British Open International Minigolf Tournament, the US ProMiniGolf Tour sponsors its own Masters and for more serious putt-putters there’s the Professional Putters Association.

How To Win Game Pigeon Mini Golf

Tips & Warnings
If you’re playing with kids, help the youngest player win. That’ll make you a winner in your family’s eyes.

You can win at miniature golf in the virtual world, too. Minigolf games are available for most popular video game systems, including the Nintendo Wii. Play miniature golf online and even on your cell phone.

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