How To Start Game Pigeon On Imessage

With iOS 10, iMessage gained many new features. One such feature is the ability to use apps from within iMessage. This allows you to download an app, such as a game, and play against someone else by sending messages.

Game pigeon on Android and iPhone is an interesting game not just for kids but also for grown up people who like playing games. In this post I will guide you on how to download. Game pigeon on Android and iPhone is an interesting game not just for kids but also for grown up people who like playing games. Find the game on the new interface and start contesting with your friends; How to install game pigeon on Iphone. If you are looking to install game pigeon on your ios device or iphone, the quick way is to go to App Store. Click on the imessage app store. Select and click on the dots below your screen. And there are plenty of nice iMessage apps to play, such as Pigeon, Quiktionary, 8ball, and Mr.Putt. But recently some people complained they can’t play some iMessage games with their contacts. “Some of my friends and i wanted to play 8ball, but when they ‘request’ the game, it just sends a picture. But when i send a request and i click. Yes I concede that point- the AppStore does have plenty of games for single players. However if you don’t seek to have an extra app on your phone that you may not use too often, need the free space on your phone, or just prefer the IMessage game selections/ platform over other options, you can pass the time using an app we all have on our iPhones- iMessage.

How To Start Game Pigeon On Imessage App

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If the thought of apps in messages sounds confusing, don’t worry. It’s not as complicated as it may seem. To demonstrate, we will step through the process of downloading a game and starting a game with a friend.

How To Use Imessage

Downloading an App in iMessage

This game is very fun! It’s great for group interaction through iMessage. However, if you are looking for an app with several selections, this game does not fallow that. There are very little games. And most of them are hard to catch on too. I do agree that this app is very similar to game pigeon.

To get started, open the Messages app and select a contact like you would normally do to send a message to a friend. To the left of the text entry field, you will see three gray colored icons (a camera, a heart, and the letter “A” for the App Store). Tap the icon for the App Store. If you see an arrow in a gray box instead of the three icons, tap the arrow to reveal the three icons.

After tapping the App Store icon, you will see a window that typically shows the last app used or recently used apps in iMessage. In the bottom left corner of the window, you will see four gray dots. Tap this icon to display the apps currently installed on your device.

By default, you will see apps for Store, Recents, #images, and Music. Tap the Store app to open the App Store for iMessage.

The iMessage App Store shows all the apps that can be used with iMessage. Across the top there are three navigation tabs: Featured, Categories, and Manage. The Featured and Categories tabs allow you to browse the App Store. The Manage tab allows you to manage which apps appear in iMessage on your device.

You can browse the App Store and download whatever app you want. For our example, I will download a game called GamePigeon. This app contains several different games you may enjoy playing with friends. Once you locate the app, it can be downloaded to your device by tapping the Get button.

Play a Game in iMessage

Once the app is installed, you can now use it in iMessage. Create an iMessage to a friend, tap the App Store icon, and tap the four gray dots to show the apps installed on your device. Tap the app you want to use. In our example, we will select GamePigeon.

GamePigeon contains several different games within the app. For our example, we will select a game called Sea Battle. After we make our game selection, a game invitation appears in the message. Send this invitation to your friend.

If your friend already has the game installed on their device, they can begin playing immediately. If they don’t have the game installed, they will get a link to download the game to start playing.

Playing games with friends using iMessage is convenient because each player takes their turn whenever they read their messages. Both players don’t have to be online at the same time.

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