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How to play pool on imessage game pigeon free

The iOS 10 update makes the Messages app become another ground to play loved games and apps when you are bored. And there are plenty of nice iMessage apps to play, such as Pigeon, Quiktionary, 8ball, and Mr.Putt. But recently some people complained they can’t play some iMessage games with their contacts.

“Some of my friends and i wanted to play 8ball, but when they ‘request’ the game, it just sends a picture. but when i send a request and i click on it, it says it’s waiting for the opponent. It’s the same on the other side for my friends (it sending a picture and not the game)”

If you do not know how to play pool on game pigeon this guide is made by game lover. Check now to learn how to play pool on game pigeon.

As we found, you might get some other issues on iMessages games and apps, like:

  • Can’t add iMessage Games from App Store.
  • Can’t install and update iMessage games and apps.

How to Fix iMessage Games Not Working

  1. Restart iPhone. Power off your device. Wait for a while, and then turn on your device again.
  2. Reinstall the iMessage Game. Hold on the app on iMessage to delete it and then reinstall it in your iMessage app.
  3. Free up your iPhone storage. If you have not enough storage, you may not update, install games and apps on iMessages. Try to clean up your iPhone space and make room for your iMessage games and apps.
  4. Update your device to latest iOS software.

The tips don’t work to solve your iMessages problems, take part in our discussion by leaving your comment.

Remember the days you used to hang out with friends and play Pool and everything was alright in the world? You don’t find the time to hang out anymore, but those days don’t have to be over. You can play an 8 Ball Pool game with your friends in iMessage on iPhone.

Apple introduced games in iMessage with iOS 10, but many users still don’t know about this functionality. With games in iMessage, you can play with your friends right on the conversation screen, and chat with them at the same time without having to switch between different apps.

To play 8 Ball Pool in iMessage, you would first need to download the game from the App Store.

You can also download the game directly from the Messages app. Open a Conversation, and tap on the App Store icon. Search for ‘8 Ball Pool’ on the Store game and install it.

After the game is installed, it will be added among other apps on the app bar in iMessage. Scroll to the right on the bar to find it, and then tap to open it.

How To Play Pool On Game Pigeon

The game interface will show below the app bar. Tap the ‘Create Game‘ button to initiate a game with a friend.

The game will open in the Message box. Tap on the Send button.

Pool Game On Imessage


Now once your friend shows, you can play the 8 Ball Pool game in the iMessage app itself while chatting simultaneously.

How To Get Imessage Games

In case your friend isn’t online, you can play the game with someone live too while waiting for your friend. Tap on the ‘Let’s play 8 Ball Pool’ message you sent to your friend to launch the game.

On the dialogue box that reads “While you wait, why not play someone live now”, tap the ‘Play Now’ button to play the game with a random opponent.