How To Play 8 Ball On Iphone Game Pigeon

If you’ve been looking for how to get game pigeon for android and IOS, then you are at the right place.

  1. How To Play 8 Ball On Iphone Game Pigeon Night
  2. How To Play 8 Ball On Iphone Game Pigeon
  3. How To Play 8 Ball On Iphone Game Pigeon Play

When game pigeon was initially released, it was only available to IPhone or IOS users. However, many android users eagerly anticipated that gamepigeon for android should be released too.

To take a screenshot with your iPhone or iPod Touch, press and hold the sleep/wake button and then click the Home button. Android Take a Screenshot with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) just press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time. GamePigeon, one of the hottest iMessage app, allows user to play 8 ball pool on iMessage as well as other games with their friends. 8-ball is a game played with a clue 15 'object balls'. One player needs to pocket balls of the group numbered 1 through 7, while the other player has 9 through 15.

Note: The game pigeon isn’t available for download for IOS devices, however, it’s available for download for IMessenger users.

In other words, you’re not installing the game pigeon on an IPhone, but it’s an in-app game.

The next question is – What messenger app carries the game?

Well let’s find that out now, shall we?

Can I Get The Game Pigeon For Android

Sadly, No! There are no official gamepigeon for Android yet.

However, see that I used the term “OFFICIAL”. That means that there are multiple alternatives to game pigeon that are available in the IMessenger app for Iphone users.

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How to Get Game Pigeon For Android

We have carried out research and discovered how you can get the game pigeon for android devices on your smartphone.

Quick Recommendations (Use Plato)

Remember what game pigeon is – It’s just an in-app game that allows users to play and INTERACT with one another.

I believe this is what makes this game spectacular, the fact that it allows you to interact with family and friends.

Plato works in a similar fashion, although it’s definitely not an in-app game. It’s an android app on its own, but it offers the same gaming experience and interaction between you and your friends.

Once installed, you stand a chance to play these games with your loved ones:

Warewolf (Mafia), Hold’em Poker, Pool (8 Ball & 9 Ball), Conspiracy, Minesweepers, Big Two, Ocho, Bankroll, Table Soccer, Go Fish, Mini Golf, 4 in a Row, BS, Zombie!, Hearts, Checkers, Dots & Boxes, Smugglers Den, Reversi, Baloot, Go, Draw Together, Sea Battle, Literati, Dice Party, Ludo, Rock Card, Chess, Dominoes, Backgammon, Gin Rummy, Spades, & Euchre

30+ games out of the box just for you!!

Even better, there’s more!

The app allows you or any other android person to have 1:1 interaction with friends and even group messaging too, there are multiple chat rooms that you can join to connect with other people across the world.

So, let us know your thoughts on Plato android app.

But hey! What if you wanted other alternatives?

How To Play 8 Ball On Iphone Game Pigeon Night

You can get game pigeon for your android phone in 2 other ways

  1. Finding Alternative android apps like game pigeon:

Is Game Pigeon an 8 ball game? Absolutely yes! It’s playing experience is no different from game pigeon app unless it’s because you cannot play with friends. However, this my 2nd method allows you to play the game with family and friends.

So to get a game like gamepigeon for Android follow these steps below:

  • Locate and open Google’s play store
  • Search 8 ball pool.
  • Pick any game of your choice, but select an 8 ball game.

Carefully following these steps ensures you get a gamepigeon alternatives for android.

So, I’ll walk you on the various games you will see in play store and our preferred ones.

Game Pigeon Alternatives for Android

How To Play 8 Ball On Iphone Game Pigeon

Below are some games that are serves as an alternative to android game pigeon.

  1. 8 ball game pool:

This is the #1 android alternative to game pigeon. You can see how Play Store described it:

Play the World’s #1 Pool game

  • The World’s #1 Pool game – now on Android!•

Play with family and friends! Play with Legends. Play the hit Miniclip 8 Ball Pool game on your mobile and become the best!


You can refine your skills in the practice arena, take on the world in 1-vs-1 matches, or enter tournaments to win trophies and exclusive cues!

It’s interesting to note that this game provides you a game pigeon for android experience. Plus, it gives you the chance to play with Friends which is interesting.

  1. King of pool – Online 8 ball game:

Like Game Pigeon, this game is amazing too. Play Store describes it brilliantly:

This Free multiplayer 8 Ball Pool can be played online! Join the most competitive sports community to encourage you more.


With AR, you can spawn a life sized table on any surface. The mode features realistic ball physics and stunning 3D graphics that will keep you wanting more. AR mode is fully customizable using your custom table felt and decals.


We’ve taken old school 8 ball pool and given it a “newschool” and sophisticated upgrade. Each bit of detail has been 100% debated and carefully designed to create a simple game that is easy to learn, addictive to play, and stunning to look at.


Face off against skilled 8 ball pool players from around the world. Win and gain access to exclusive high-stakes tables. Build up your cash and become the richest billiards player in the game.


Kickstart your game journey with your most skilled friends. Fight your way to the top together, and take home sweet prizes and become the KINGS OF POOL…. Feel free to brag!

And lot’s more… These are my favorite games that acts as alternative to game pigeon android you will love.

  1. 2. 8 ball games in Facebook Messenger:

This method offers you a like-manner gaming experience like that of the IMessenger app. In fact, this method is my favorite way of getting game pigeon for IPhone and Android.

How to play 8 ball game in FB messenger:

Be attentive!

Follow each steps highlighted here carefully and you will be able to play game pigeon on Facebook messenger in no time:

  1. Locate Facebook Messenger app
  2. Open the FB messenger
  3. Search 8 ball pool on the search bar
  4. Tap on discover
  5. Click on any of the enlisted games(with a button ‘play’) to play.

Game Pigeon For Android Using Emulator

How can I get Game Pigeon for Android with an Emulator? Follow the instructions below:

  • To initiate gamepigeon on your android phone, first begin by downloading the IEMU from third party. Here is the IEMU download link
  • Install in on your smartphone. It follows the same process like how you install any shared apk sent to your mobile devices.
  • As soon as the installation is completed, open the app called padiod. Look for the game on the new interface and begin contesting with your friends

How to Install Game Pigeon On Iphone

If you’re searching for how to install game pigeon on IOS or IPhone device, the fast way is to first get the app and install it by following this link.

On the other hand, if you already have the IMessage app, simply locate it and go open the IMessgae app store.

  1. Next, Click on the imessage app store.
  2. Select and click on the dots below your screen.
  3. Tap on store and search “GamePigeon” on the space provided.
  4. Select and click to install the game.

And that’s how to get Game Pigeon for IOS and apple devices!

How To Delete Gamepigeon App From An Iphone

The game might become boring to you or you no longer like it. Deleting gamepigeon app is simply easy.

This will work for both Iphone and android.

Here is how to uninstall gamepigeon app:

  1. Open your imessage app on your iPhone.
  2. Find the app, hold unto it until it wiggles.
    Immediately, you will see “X” at the top left corner of your iphone, click on the “X” to delete.
  3. Click on your home key to confirm removal of game pigeon.


It’s a great idea to have game pigeon installed on your android device, and it’s amazing that we have shown you a detailed guide on how to get game pigeon for android and IOS.

Remember, there are 2 methods to get it working on android:

How To Play 8 Ball On Iphone Game Pigeon Play

  1. Download an Android 8 ball game from Google play
  2. Use Facebook messenger games to play an 8 ball game.

Now that you know that there is a game pigeon for IPhone and android, share this post with your friends let them join you in playing the amazing game pigeon for android.

iMessage is one of the primary reasons why people choose to stay in the Apple Ecosystem. It is touted as one of the safest means of messaging and fun as well. With the integration of games, the stock iOS messaging app has become even more exciting and exciting to use. Gone are the dull messaging days say hello to iMessage games now.

iMessages has been updated with many other fun features like stickers, memoji, animoji, and bubble effect messages; the games integration update still remains people’s favorite. I have a list of games that I love to play within iMessage, and I have filtered the best iMessage games you should play on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.

Note: To play the iMessage game, the other person also needs to have the game installed on their iPhone or iPad.

Best iMessage Games for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch in 2020

#1. 8 Ball Pool

The classic and most loved Pool game for iPhone now comes with iMessage compatibility. Have fun challenging your friends to pool games now from your iMessage itself.

This game for iMessage comes with a ton of features that can be enjoyed from within the messaging app. Simply add this game to your iMessage app drawer and start playing the classic pool game with your friends.

Price: Free

#2. Game Pigeon

This is an all in one game for iMessage. Play a game of 8-ball pool or challenge your friend to defeat you in the battleship game. By far game pigeon is the most comprehensive game you could play from iMessage. It has got multiple game options for you and your friend to enjoy a great time challenging each other.

Game Pigeon extension for iMessage offers various multiplayer games like Cup Battle, 20 questions, Checkers, 4 in a row, and others. Game Pigeon is specially developed for iMessages, and thus the graphics of this game are pretty neat.

Price: Free

#3. Bubble Witch Saga

Another well know game to support iMessage is this Bubble Witch Saga. Players who love bursting those multi-colored bubbles might already be familiar with this app. You just have to install this app from your iMessage app store, and you are all set to burst bubbles with your friends from iMessage.

Bubble Witch Saga is one of the apps that destresses. You feel an immediate satisfaction when you burst a large group of liked colored bubbles. Play this game with your friends through iMessage, after a long day at work and help each other in relieving the stress and tension.

Price: Free

#4. Pictoword

Test your guessing and drawing skills along with your vocabulary with this Pictionary game for iMessage. Guess the word from two or more pictures and earn points. Seems easy right? But trust me, it is not as easy as you think it is.

The iMessage Pictoword game is even more fun than the normal one. In this game, you will be given the word, and your friend will have to guess the word based on the picture that you will draw. You won’t even know where the time flew by with this particular app.

Price: Free

#5. Tayasui Sketch

Have fun making wacky sketches with your friends on the iMessage app. Tayasui Sketch is a full-blown game that you can use to create beautiful and creative designs and drawings on your iPhone.

Make fun sketches with your friends on the iMessage app and share it with others. You can compete with each other or complete a painting together. Let your creativity run wild with this app. Add this to your iMessage app drawer today.

Price: Free

#6. Letter Fridge

If you have ever loved playing the fridge magnet game, then you would like this particular game for iMessage. For people who have fun writing quirky words on their fridge or those who love playing crossword and scrabble, this iOS app is worth a shot.

A perfect cocktail of crossword and scrabble this game will take you down the memory lane with its UI. On this iMessage game, you will start out with a handful of colorful letter magnets and slide them to form a word. The developers have rightly said in the game description that ‘it is time to revisit the age-old marriage of bright plastic letters and ice cold kitchen appliances, with Letter Fridge app.’

Price: Free

#7. Moji Bowling


Fan of bowling? But going to a bowling alley every now and then is too time and money consuming, isn’t it? I have been an ardent Arcade Game lover, and bowling is truly my most favorite game app among all.

Don’t wait for the weekend to challenge your friends to a game of bowling. Install this game on your iMessage app drawer and start testing your friends. Play this game and flaunt your highest scores on social media or simply practice along with your friends for the big game.

Price: Free

#8. Checkmate

Honestly, I have never been great at playing chess, but I have known a couple of people who enjoy a good game of chess and have been playing Chess Games for quite some now.

So, The Checkmate app is specifically for all the chess lovers. Start playing Chess with your friends on the iMessage. You can play this app at your own pace, which is the best thing about this game. Make your move at your leisure and let your friend play his move at his leisure.

Price: $0.99

#9. Mr. Putt

If you and your friends are fans of a good game of golf, then this iMessage game is just the perfect choice for you. Don’t wait for a bright sunny day to play golf with your friends instead install this virtual golf game and play with your friends, right from your iMessage.

With 4 different arcades and locations, you are surely in for a fun game of golf. Take turns in, hitting the ball, and evaluate each other’s performance. You can either have a two-player face-off or a group battle in this exclusive game.

Price: Free

#10. Truth Truth Lie

How good are you at catching your friends bluff? How well do you know your friends? Get your answers for both these question with this exciting iMessage game that lets you and your friends play a guessing game of truths and lies.

Tell your friends two truths and a lie and let them do the same. Guess which statements are true and which are bluffs. Enjoy this game with your friends through iMessage chats and dig out some interesting, fun facts about your friends. You never know what secrets they might reveal.

Price: Free

The Last Word…

Well, I hope you loved this iMessage games round-up. Let us know which game are you interested in installing and share your other game preferences for iMessage as well.

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