How To Delete Game Pigeon On Iphone 5

When playing a game on an iOS device like an iPhone or iPad you might love to keep your progress, achievements, unlocked levels, and any other important data in the Game Center. This, however, can be nagging if you have stopped playing the game and keep on receiving notifications about it or if you want to delete the game and start all over again.

How To Delete Game Pigeon On Iphone 5s

Tutorial on how to uninstall game pigeon from iphone and pad in 2019. Working method to delete game pigeon from imessage app. Did you look in iTunes with your phone hooked up to make sure next to the game in the list of your apps that the button does say that it is installed? If you uninstalled it and now that you did a hard reset to remove any remnants and reinstalled the app, The app and it's icon should be on one of your panels or like I said may have gotten put in. How to Delete Voicemail on iPhone Directly. Open the Phone app on the iPhone and tap on the “Voicemail” tab. Swipe left on the voicemail message, you will see “Delete” button when it appears, then tap on that to delete the message. Or you can delete multiple Voicemails at once on iPhone: Step 1. Just go to Settings General Usage, then wait for the list of installed apps to appear (this may take a while) Once the list populates, find your app, tap on it and then choose ‘Delete App’. Note in the screenshots below, something was definitely wrong as the Pebble app’s title wasn’t showing up properly in the apps list. Want to delete the crowded videos to free up limited storage space on your iPhone? Here we provide you 5 ways to do that.

Knowing How to delete game data on iPhone and other iOS devices helps you ensure that such inconveniences are a thing of the past and allows you to play and start a new once more any time you want.

Remove game pigeon from iphone

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How to delete games on iOS 11

To delete the game data from your iOS device, you will need to delete the games and reinstall them from App store again. For this press the home button to go to the home screen and locate the apps you want to uninstall.

Press hold on them until they start to wobble and tap the ‘x’ icon on top right. Select Uninstall from the dialogue box that will appear.

Press the home button to return the Apps to their solid mode. You can also go to settings and select Apps then locate the App that you want then swipe to the left and select hide.

How to delete the game data on game center

After deleting the game application. Go to Settings > iCloud > Storage and Backup then select manage storage. Select show to see all data saved in iCloud. Note that some of these are not games, but other apps as well with iCloud synced data.

Select the game you want to reset and click edit at the top right. Select delete all to delete all game saved data. You can also add more details once you reinstall the game to try to confuse the game and get a new profile.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, you have managed to delete game data from the Game Center on your iOS device. You can also check out other games and tutorials on website.