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Tips for Cup Pong. I keep losing to my girl and I’m genuinely heated. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. No comments yet. Game pigeon all day and all night. Go to any message that contains this app (anyone ya have played game with), next click on game as if ya are going to play. A drop down window will open, this will show the apps in messenger. Hold down on game pigeon until all apps are bouncing, now just click x to delete, remove, make gone.

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Developer(s)Vitalii Zlotskii
Initial release13 September 2016; 4 years ago
Size113.8 MB

GamePigeon is a mobile gaming app for iOS devices. The app was launched by the company Vitalii Zlotskii[1] on September 13, 2016, as a result of the iOS 10 update, which expanded how users could interact with the Messages app.[2][3] Thus, users could access and utilizes the features of the GamePigeon app while in the Messages app.[2]

Development and release[edit]

The app was released on September 13, 2016, coinciding with the launch of iOS 10.[3] The app was released for free,[4] although it includes in-app purchases to unlock additional items, such as pool cues.[5]

Games in the app[edit]

The following is a list of games which users can play within GamePigeon:

  • 20 Questions
  • Anagrams
  • Archery
  • Basketball
  • Darts
  • Filler
  • Knockout
  • Mini Golf
  • Paintball
  • Tanks
  • Word Hunt


In 2016, Poker was cited as one of the games included in GamePigeon,[9][10] although it is not listed on the game's App Store description.[6]


GamePigeon has enjoyed commercial success, with VentureBeat noting that GamePigeon was ranked number-one in the 'Top Free' category of the iMessage App Store, six months after its release.[11] Critically, GamePigeon has been generally well received, being highlighted by online media publications early on shortly after the iOS 10 launch.[10] It has since been included on many 'best iMessage apps' lists.[3][8][11] Based on over 88,000 ratings, the game holds a 4.2 out of 5 rating on the App Store.[6] Julian Chokkattu of Digital Trends wrote 'GamePigeon should be like the pre-installed versions of Solitaire and Minesweeper that used to come with older iterations of Windows.'[8] On its launch day, Boy Genius Report included it on a list of '10 of the best iMessage apps, games and stickers for iOS 10 on launch day.'[2]The Daily Dot wrote, 'GamePigeon is easily the best current gaming option within iMessages.'[3]

8-Ball and Cup Pong have been particularly well received by media outlets.[12]The Daily Dot had specific praise for the app's billiards game: '8-Ball controls shockingly smoothly with your fingers, and there’s nothing quite like destroying a dear friend in poker.'[3] During his 2020 U.S. presidential campaign, Cory Booker was cited as playing the game with his family.[13]

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In 2017, CNBC cited one teenager who expressed that GamePigeon was one of just a few reasons that those in her age range use the iMessage app.[14] The game has received particular positive reception for allowing introverted individuals to exercise a form social activity; similarly, the game was highlighted as a way to maintain social distancing guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic.[7][15][16]


Snapchat released an in-message games app called Snapchat Games.[17]

As an April Fools' Day joke, The Chronicle, a Duke University newspaper, published that Duke's athletic program adopted Cup Pong as an official varsity sport.[18]


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Raag Venkat, Staff Writer

In 2020, iMessage isn’t simply used to send messages quickly or exchange emoji’s – it’s also about playing exciting games with friends. Here are some of my favorite games you can play with GamePigeon, a free iMessage extension that allows you to play up to 22 games with anyone else who has iMessage. Be careful – you might get addicted!

Cup Pong

Players: two

Cup Pong is one of GamePigeon’s most famous games. The rules of the game are actually pretty simple, likely because it follows the standard beer pong rules in real life (without the drinking, of course). Each player starts with 10 cups in a triangle facing the opposing player. Then, each player takes turns throwing the balls into their opponent’s cups, with each player throwing two balls per turn. The cup then disappears if the ball lands in it. To throw a ball, simply swipe up on your device. If a player manages to get both balls in cups, the player receives “Balls Back” and gets another turn! When there are no cups left on the opponent’s side, you have won!

My advice, aim for the middle cups first. This is because you don’t need a lot of accuracy and angular manipulation, only enough power. This then ensures that you have an advantage over your opponent in the long run, especially because when you reach six and three cups, the cups will reorient themselves to the middle, regardless of where they were before!

Crazy 8s

Players: Up to four

GamePigeon rolled out their first ‘up to four-player game’ with Crazy 8s. Crazy 8s is a wild, fast-paced game. If you like games that guarantee suspense and upsets, this game is for you. The rules and regulations of the game are similar to the real-life card games “Crazy Eights” or “Uno.” The goal of Crazy 8s is to lose all your cards. It seems simple enough, right? Wrong. Crazy 8s will present you with twists and turns at every corner, so my advice is to backstab your friends before they backstab you, no matter how good your friendship is!


Players: two

Ever wanted to hit a bullseye? Well, now is your chance with GamePigeon’s Archery. Archery has three rounds, and the player that wins two of these rounds wins the whole game. In each round, you get three arrows and your score for the round is calculated depending on which ring you shoot the arrow on (0-10, with 10 being a bullseye). However, Archery presents an interesting obstacle. Wind speed and direction must be taken into consideration when shooting the arrows – this information is just above the ring board. Overall, it is a fun game but requires patience and accuracy to calculate the optimal location to shoot your arrow, given that wind speed and direction are factored in. Luckily, every time you play Archery, you get a lot better at predicting how different wind speeds and directions affect your arrows. Now, go get that bullseye!


Players: two


Anagrams are one of the two-word games on GamePigeon, with the other one being Word Hunt. Anagrams is a 60-second game, where you are presented with six letters and you combine them to make words. You try to make as many words as you can and the more letters a word has, the more points you accumulate. The player with the most points ultimately wins the game. I have two things for you to keep in mind. One, the word must be longer than two letters. And two, each player gets the same letters, so don’t let your sneaky friend see the letters beforehand if you end up playing before them.

How To Be An Expert In Cup Pong Game Pigeon Mo

The trick for Anagrams is to just make any combination that makes sense. Personally, while I’m playing Anagrams, I don’t even think about if it’s a word or not – as long as it has a vowel, I test it out! Some Greenhill students are basically pros at this game. In fact, senior Varun Gande has accumulated more than 1000 wins on Anagrams. So, if you would like to learn from an expert, he’s the guy to talk to.

How To Be An Expert In Cup Pong Game Pigeon Game

20 Questions

Players: two

20 Questions are unlike any other GamePigeon game I have seen before. It requires deep critical thinking skills and a lot of patience on both sides. First, the player who sends the game to a friend will think of an object and type it on the designated line. The other player will then ask a series of yes or no questions that the first player will answer either “yes,” “no,” “sometimes” or “You’ve Guessed It!” The goal of the game is to use these yes or no questions to get closer to the object in question and then successfully guess it in 20 questions or less. If the guesser does not get the object within 20 questions, the object is revealed. The game can go for about five minutes or even five months, depending on how well the guesser plans and uses the yes or no questions. In the end, 20 Questions serve as a classic game of deductive reasoning and creativity.

To start, simply download GamePigeon on the app store and send a game of your choice to a friend over text. Happy gaming!