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9 fun games and activities to do with friends on Zoom or Google Hangouts. They’re using services like Zoom and Google Hangouts, which we’ve reviewed to tell you which ones are best. Google chat is going free for general Hangouts users in the future, which means users will eventually need to say goodbye to Hangouts as their form of communication. This week, Google announced.

  1. Google Hangouts Game Pigeon App

Google Hangouts Game Pigeon App

Try your hand at some of these games. 🎮
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GameNumber of playersHow it worksWhere to find it DescriptionNotes
CodenamesunlimitedGet a unique game link and share it with friendsThis websiteGive a one word clue to help your team identify words on a boardworks perfect with a Google Hangout
Ludo King4-playersDownload for iPhone or iPad and follow the instructions in the appThe App storeBe the first person to move 4 tokens from the starting point around the board to the center of the board.
Catanmulti-playerDownload for iPhone or iPad and follow the instructions in the appThis websiteExpand your colony through the building of settlements, roads, and villages by harvesting commodities from the land around you (Google)
PhotoRoulette multi-playerDownload the app and send the unique link to friends to playThe App StoreGive the app access to your camera roll and then guess which of your friends' photos is the one that comes up.
Play Link Gamesmulti-playerPair your phone to your PS4This websiteBuy different games to enjoy
Club PenguinsoloHead to the URL and feel all the nostalgia come flooding back (meet you in the pizza making room)Right here! Create a penguin life for yourself and explore the online world with your pet, a Puffle.
Words With Friendsmulti-playerDownload for iPhone or iPad and follow the instructions in the appThe App StoreThink smartphone scrabble!
Draw Somethingmulti-playerDownload for iPhone or iPad and follow the instructions in the appThe App StoreThink smartphone pictionary!
Live Streamed Triviamulti-playerHead to the URL and check out when you can tune in to play a live trivia gameThis articleTune in to live streamed questions where you guess the answers to earn points.
Jackbox Gamesmulti-playerHave one of your friends buy a package and share their screen via Zoom or Google HangoutsThis websiteBuy different games to enjoy
Keep Talking and No One Explodesmulti-playerHead to the link for instructions!This websiteOne person sees the bomb while the others talk him/her through how to diffuse it
Communal Puzzlesmulti-playerWork together on a selection of jigsaw puzzlesThis websitePuzzle away!
Game Pigeon2-playersSend the game in your iPhone's iMessageThis article to show you howiMessage games like Pool or Beer Pong to your friends.
Untitled Goose GamesoloDownload for your tech!This websiteControl a goose that bothers a village.
Stardew ValleysoloDownload for your tech!This websiteAfter inheriting your grandpa's farm, you have a few tools to get your new life off the ground.
Don't Starve Togethermulti-playerBuy a bundle from the site and get playingThis websiteGather resources and craft items to help you survive in this wilderness gameThis is a team version of the solo player survival game, Don't Starve
LA NoiresoloBuy a bundle from the site and get playingThis websiteGet ready for spy drama!
Nancy Drew GamessoloYou act as Nancy Drew to find clues and solve mysteries Drew time!They can sometimes be kind of expensive but they're really fun and immersive.
Drawful3+Similar to pictionary plays on their own phone, one person shares their screen. Everyone draws in response to a personal prompt and then the group tries to guess the real title.
Board Game ArenaDepends on the gameThis is a website where all kinds of tabletop games can be played virtually (turn-based or real time) games like checkers, chess, Catan, and Hanabi!
Two Spies2 players, or you can play against a bot.Available on iOs. are a spy, and your goal is to control cities, and find the other spy before they find you!So much fun, and so satisfying when you win!
Trivia LAAny! You can do it alone or have teams virtually!Live streams on Facebook for people to play along at home! There's a google doc she provides to keep score and record answers while you watch the livestream. geared toward adult users
Pandemic4Log in through steam and share screen through google hangouts. has broken out in the world- stop it from spreading!
Ticket to Ride4Download app on phone or steam.App storeCollect and play cards to claim railway routes and win
NY Daily CrosswordJust one other person minimum!It's an app, then you can share your time with anyone else!a daily crossword appears and you try to finish it as fast as possible.
Card Games2+Allows access to card games like Cards Against Humanity, Euchre and Checkers. a game and play!
Multiple games2+Euchre, etc
Cards Against Humanity3-6 a prompt with your set of cards.
Yahtzee2+Purchase the classic board game for you and your quarantine buddies game is played with five dice, and if you get five dice all with the same number, then you’ve scored a 'Yahtzee'. The name of the game is also the name of the best hand.Classic board game!
SkribblUp to 12Digital Pictionary! Join a private room with friends (up to 12) or join an online group with strangers. Draw a word while everyone else guesses, points are awarded.!Even more fun if you can simultaneously be on a voice or video chat so you can talk to each other while playing.
Overcooked1-4Play the game online! up meals in kooky kitchens.Good for all ages. Playable on PS4, XBox, and Steam.
Evil Apples3+Very similar to Cards Against Humanity! a prompt with your set of cards. the game is explicit so may not be appreciated by some that do not appreciate that type of humor.
Bunker Bundle2+Buy the physical game, or join a virtual play party on Zoom (first one is next Wednesday (3/25) at 8pm EST your way around the board, answering cards in four categories. The first person to land on 'The Final Bundle' space and answer the card wins the game! (Bundle)
ScattergoriesMulti-playerTraditional scattergories rules a letter and a list of categories! if you and a friend write the same word for that category, starting with that letter, you can't get a point. One person can open the website and then share their screen using Google Hangouts or Zoom
Colonistcan play buy yourself or up to 4 for freeIt's basically Catan but you can play on a computer and link up with friendshttps://colonist.ioBuild your empire game!
The Oregon TrailsoloUse keyboard keys to hunt and survive in the wild wild west
Dominion2+It's a deck building game that you can play online. player uses a separate deck of cards and draw their hands from their own decks, not those of others. (Google)
PSYCH3+Everyone dowloads the app and you can play together and throw your friends off by inventing definitions and fake trivia answers. Everyone plays from their phones!It's part of Ellen's suite of games (like Heads Up!)
Tabletop SimulatorUnlimited (based on game that you pick)Download games from the Steam workshop, load them, and invite other users that have Tabletop Simulator to play simulator for your favorite boardgames!May not be suited for all computers, as it is essentially a physics simulator for boardgames.
Wavelength2+Check out this site -->'s a party game where you give clues to guess the right answer! The clue-giver knows where on a spectrum of two opposite terms the 'target' is, and has to give a single clue to get the people they're playing with to understand where the target might be. You can play it as a competitive team thing or just a conversation starter!
KahootBest with 4+Create your own quiz/trivia game! your own quiz/trivia game; for free, you can do multiple choice, and for an annual membership ($60, which I am recouping by having friends Venmo me $1 per person every game) you can do a 'write in' answer so it's more like classic trivia. It's designed for educational games to be used in schools, and it's also a great option for parents who are picking up the lion's share of homeschooling right now.
HouseParty2+Download the HouseParty app, add friends. This integrates video chatting and a few game knockoffs (Trivia, HeadsUp, [like]CardsAgainstHumanity, and DrawIt) chat your friends, similar to Zoom but with games added into the interface
Exploding Kittens2-5Very similar to the real-life card game version! cards to make other players take actions or extra turns, and end each turn by drawing a new card - which could be an exploding kitten. If you can't 'defuse' the exploding kitten, you're out!Fun to play on your phones while all on zoom or facetime on another device so you can still see each other and chat! We were all giggling over the silly illustrations and sound effects.
Hogwart's Digital Escape Room1 or moreYou can do it on your own, as a couple, as a family. And you can compete with others via video chat - just start it at the same time, put a timer on, and see who finishes the fastest! is a virtual escape room hosted on Google Forms!
Once Upon A Time2- 8It's a card storytelling game. begins with a classic Once Upon a Time card . Each player's goal is to play all their story cards and the ending card!
Wink Murder Mystery6+, best for bigger groupsMurder mystery game! a group, one person is chosen as the 'murderer'. Everyone else has to try to guess who it is before they come for you!
Fibbage (by Jackbox Games)2Try to come up with silly lies to trick your friends! ensues! Can be NSFW depending on your friends LOL
Bunch2-8Download for Android or Iphone chat with up to 8 friends with games added into the interface
netgames.io4+Log on for Codenames, Love Letter, and One Night Ultimate Werewolf on to learn about each of the specific games!
Taboo4Taboo is a verbal game played with two teams, a deck of 502 guess cards with a set of taboo words with Zoom or other video service
DrawceptionDrawception is a virtual game of Pictionary meets the classic game of Telephone. Like Telestrations, but virtual.
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