Game Where You Are A Statue And Kill Pigeons


Game Where You Are A Statue And Kill Pigeons Cage

This page contains the locations of all the pigeons in GTA 4. There are 200 pigeons to eliminate in total. Finding and eliminating all of the pigeons in Liberty City will contribute towards 100%. I don't care if you think these flying rats are gods creatures, I just want to know how to kill all these pigeons who crap everywhere. And NO, there is nothing in or around my yard that is attracting them.& no neighbors. Please somebody tell me what will kill these pigeons. And I don't give a crap what PETA thinks about it. These must be somebody out there that can tell me how to kill many.

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How to Kill a Pigeon - There is no doubt about it, pigeons are a nuisance and most homeowners do not want to deal with them at all. Most people think that pigeons are a very dirty bird and can carry diseases and both of these things can be correct. In addition, the droppings from the birds leave the grass and other areas of your home nasty and most homeowners have to either clean them up themselves or hire a professional company to do so. Let’s look at some of the ways that homeowners can get rid of these pests.
Some homeowners try many different things to get rid of pigeons rather than to kill the birds. Some people say that putting a figurine of an owl on the roof is a deterrent because the pigeons are intimidated by the owl and will not land on the roof. Others say that playing a recording of a cat’s meowing is another way to stop these pests from landing around your home. Still others advocate the use of bird spikes, these spikes are easy to install and many people believe that they keep the birds from landing on the roof, because they do not want to get anywhere near the spikes. These spikes and the other methods have been used to try to get rid of them in a humane manner rather than to just kill the birds.
There is another way to get rid of these pesky birds, and that is to use some type of trap or cage to trap the bird and release it somewhere else. Of course, this would have to be done over and over again, as pigeons tend to hover in larger numbers. There would have to be numerous traps placed on the roof day in and day out and this is virtually impossible for most homeowners. If your pigeon program is in a large barn or attic, a much larger cage may be used to trap the birds. Of course, after you trap them, then what do you do after that? Most homeowners do not want to simply release the birds back out in the community, and when released the pigeons or their pigeon friends will most likely come back in some form to your location. Some people want to kill the pigeons because they do not want to give them any chance to come back and wreck more havoc on their property.
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If you are a homeowner and have tried many different things, consider trying some other means, such as a permanent way to get rid of them. Some people put out poison to kill the birds, which means that you will have to pick up the bodies after the birds have died. Poison is a strong chemical and you may handle it wrong, which can be very dangerous for you. In addition, if you have children or small pets around, poisoning the birds may not be the best option. This is a task that many people do not want to get into.
Some homeowners take other means such as shooting down the birds with a BB gun, which many people say works very well. Other people shoot them down with other guns such as rifles. If this method does not work well for you, there is another method to trap and kill, if that is what you want to do. Some people hire experts in the field who will come in and take care of your problem, however there is no guarantee that more pigeons will not come back to roost. However, it is more of a solution that most others and will certainly cut down on the amount of birds that pester you and your home. As you can see, there are many options for a homeowner to get rid of these birds rather than to just kill them in some manner. Pigeons are by far the dirtiest and nastiest birds out there, they are simply not ones that you want to have anywhere near your home. Take some time to consider all of your options to make sure that you know what will work for you and what is best to try and not kill the pigeons. Killing the birds should be the last option thought of.

I guess you've seen things crapped by pigeons: cars, town squares, statues... and also some crazy people who feeds them. It's time to teach those flying rats a lesson! Be the best pigeon shooter, kill fast to activate the score multiplier, aim for the head to achieve a bigger score, don't miss the carrier pigeons to get some new, deadlier weapons and don't forget, look out for the seagulls!

[ Base scores ]

  • Close pigeons: +10
  • Distant pigeons: +20
  • Carrier pigeons: +50
  • Seagulls: -100 ! so try to keep them alive, they are nice birds :)

[ Multipliers ]

  • Desert Combo (pistol): shoot as many pigeons as you can in 1,5 seconds.
  • Headshot Combo (only with the pistol): More headshots in a row, multiplies the pigeon's base score, reloading or missing the target resets the combo.
  • SMG Combo: Counts every bullet that won't miss the target.
  • Shotgun Combo: Try to kill more pigeons with one shot.
  • RPG Combo: The same as for the shotgun.

[ Bonuses ]

  • BigBomb: Do a 4x or bigger Desert Combo, then click on the bomb to detonate it. You only get this once. (seagulls are immune to BigBomb)
  • Bonus Time 1. (+15 sec): Do a 5x Desert Combo, but only after you achieved the BigBomb.
  • Bonus Time 2. (+15 sec): Well, this sounds impossible, but no, its just only damn hard to achieve. To get it, do a 8x Headshot Combo! That means 8 headshots with the pistol and without reloading or shooting anything else. If you can do this that means you're a real PRO :)

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