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In reality, this is not a water tank, but a game inside game pigeon which is situated inside the iMessenger app. Tanks is a game that involves an army tank generally used for battles, but this time, it’s animated and controlled 100% by you. How to Play Tanks In Game Pigeon: First step is knowing how to install Game pigeon on your iMessenger app. Download Game Updates Full Guide Account Security. World of Tanks is a team-based massively multiplayer online game dedicated to armored warfare in the. With 14 different games to choose from, let us concentrate on the tips and tricks of playing “game pigeon tanks” and “how to win tanks on imessage” which serves as a highly popular option: Step 1: First, you will have to make the selection between “Flats” or “valley” terrain from the Options page.

I. Registration

To begin playing Tanki Online, all you need to do is open any of the following browser on your PC:

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera

Note: make sure that you have installed the latest version of those browser

Enter the URL on your browser address bar.

Once the Tanki Online page loads, click on the PLAY NOW button to get started.

You can choose either of the following to login.

  • PlayID
  • Google ID / Email
  • Facebook

If you do not have a PlayID and wish to register for an account, you may do by click here.

Upon using either of the three options above to login to the game, you will be prompted to enter you IGN or Nickname.

Note: Max of 20 Characters, IGN may only consist A – Z, a – z, numerical and Special symbols only you cannot use space bar with your IGN.

Once you choose your desired IGN, just click the terms and agreement and click ACCEPT to enter the game lobby where you will receive a beginners pass for 1 month. This is good for 3 weeks only.

II. Game Lobby Guide

SHOP – This is where you can purchase some exclusive items such as paints, crystals, containers, promos etc.

BATTLES – This is where you choose other game modes for TANKI.

  • Quick Match– The mode will be chosen randomly
  • Team Deathmatch– Destroy enemy tanks and protect your team mates, 1st team who has the most kills wins
  • Deathmatch – Everyone in the arena is your enemy, The player with most destroyed tanks wins
  • Control Points – Capture enemy base and stop them re-capturing it most points before the time ends wins
  • Capture the Flag– Capture enemy flag and bring it to your base, Most points before the time ends wins
  • Assault– Blue team will protect their base while the opposing team which is the red team will attack the blue teams base. Team with the most points wins.
  • Rugby– Grab the ball within the map and bring it to enemy base. Team with most points wins
  • Juggernaut– One player will start as the Juggernaut. If you destroyed the juggernaut you will have a chance to be the juggernaut on the next round. Player with most destroyed tanks wins.
  • Battle List– Create game battles with your preferred settings

GARAGE – This is your tank garage this is where you upgrade or customize your tank. You can purchase the following in this portion.

  • Turrets – You can choose a variety turrets just for you and your tank.
  • Hulls – This where you choose the body for your tank.
  • Drones – It gives you additional bonus or fire power for your tank.
  • Protection – Gives you additional protection from damages for example protection with fire or ice weapon.
  • Paints – This is where you choose the paint for your tank.
  • Supplies – This is where you refill items that you may use in-game:
    • Repair Kit – Use to heal you while in game.
    • Speed Boost – Use to speed up your tank.
    • Double Damage – Use to double your tank damage.
    • Double Armor – Use to double your tank armor.
    • Mine – Use to activate landmine.
    • Battery – Use for your Drone.
    • Gold Box – When activated it will drop in a random portion on the map.

FRIENDS – This is where you can add your friends in-game.

SETTINGS – This is where you can adjust the settings of the game. Can change your controls

Game Pigeon Tanks Guide Build

FULL SCREEN – Activates Full screen mode

III. Game Controls

IV. Turret Guide

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IV. HULL Guide

Game Pigeon Tanks Cheat

Light Tanks – How to Choose, How to Use
Medium Tanks – How to Choose, How to Use
Heavy Tanks – How to Choose, How to Use

Game Pigeon Tanks Guide Osrs

Game Pigeon Tanks Guide

Game Pigeon Tanks Guide Free

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