Game Pigeon Sea Battle

Byril’s Sea Battle is a mobile version of the popular board game Battleship, only with a few new twists. You can challenge players from all over the world, make use of your wide range of weapons, and fill up the battlefield with ships of different sizes. You can also launch aircraft to attack rival ships. All in all, you’ll be doing a lot of strategizing here, positioning your ships and aircraft at the right place, and hopefully defeating your opponents in the process. The game boasts of notebook-style graphics and effects, further adding to the feel of a board game converted into a mobile title.

Get Sea Battle Game Pigeon JPG. How to play fuller on game pigeon started. Battleship redefined in sea battle. Gamepigeon from Just play online, no download. Remember that you have both limited ammo and fuel so every shot counts! A great game taking place at the open sea. Gamepigeon is a mobile gaming app for ios devices. Sigue este video tutorial para comenzar a jugar War Game en iMessage en iPhone, iPad. Juegos populares Si te aburres de jugar juegos de batalla reales de gama alta, tenemos la mejor alternativa de. Marshall, որ խաղահրապարակում իրենց նավ, ապա պետք է ռազմածովային ճակատամարտում եւ հաղթել.

If you haven’t played Sea Battle yet, or if you haven’t played the original board game Battleship, we recommend that you read these Sea Battle cheats, tips and tricks that can be of help while you’re strategizing, or fighting against rival players or the computer AI. As a beginner, these can give you a good head start when playing the game.

1. Make Sure Your Bombs Are Scattered When Playing Computer AI

As the game’s artificial intelligence tends to place its ships all over the map, you should act accordingly when trying to take them out. This is actually sound strategy on the AI’s end, as it makes it harder for you to bomb the computer’s ships. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to scatter the bombs so you have better odds of beating the computer.

2. Avoid Placing Your Ships Too Close To Each Other

One common mistake we’ve observed from human players is that they tend to place their ships adjacent to each other. That’s usually done to throw off opponents, but then again, what if someone else bombs those adjacent ships? That would be when the plan backfires, as that’s pretty much akin to killing two birds with one stone. We suggest that you avoid placing two of your ships too close to each other, as that may usually lose the battle for you.

3. Know Your Power-Ups (Part 1)

Sea Battle comes with several power-ups, including the bomber plane, the torpedo plane, the anti-aircraft turret, mines, radar, and the nuclear bomb. We’ll get you started by explaining the first three right here. Activating your bomber airplane would drop several bombs in a certain area of the board. The torpedo airplane drops one bomb that goes in a straight line, and this is great for taking out a long line of ships. The anti-aircraft turret is self-explanatory – it defends your ships against opposing aircraft.

4. Know Your Power-Ups (Part 2)

Mines can be placed as traps for your opponent in order to end their turn, and radar detects enemy battleships in a specific area. Last, and definitely not the least, nukes destroy a huge part of the entire board, including any ship in that area, truly weapons of mass destruction at work. Nuclear bombs don’t come cheap, though – they’ll cost you 110 worth of in-game cash, or more than ten times the cost of the second most-expensive power-up.

Цель: формировать коммуникативную компетенцию учащихся, расширить страноведческий кругозор.


  • Практические: обобщить знания учащихся по теме “Америка”;
  • образовательные: развивать умения и навыки монологической и диалогической речи; развивающие; способствовать развитию интеллектуальной, эмоциональной, мотивационной сферы личности учащихся; развить творческие способности учащихся;
  • воспитательные: формировать навыки и умения интеллектуального труда (поиск информационных источников), навыки самостоятельной и групповой формы работы.

Оборудование: задания на карточках, игровое поле для игры “Морской бой”,презентация картинки и фотографиис изображением достопримечательностей Америки.

Ход мероприятия

Good day boys and girls! I am glad to see you! Today we shall play the game “Sea battle”. We have two teams. I hope you know how to play this game. You will try to guess where the ship of the enemy is. Then you’ll have the task. If the pupils of one team do the task better than other, they will have the ship. At the end of the game, the teams will count the ships and we shall find out who is the winner.

Учитель привлекает внимание детей к игровому полю, заранее вывешенному на доске, и напоминает правила игры “Морской бой”. Команды по очереди открывают клетки игрового поля, на котором расположены корабли с заданиями. Задания выполняют обе команды, но корабль достается команде, которая лучше, быстрее выполнила задание. Выигрывает команда, которая “захватила” больше кораблей.

Игровое поле

Презентация команд: учащиеся заранее готовят название команды, эмблемы, выбирают капитана и защищают свою команду

The Ship – 1APuzzle – “Friendly numbers”

We know that Christopher Columbus discovered America, but in what year?

Букве английского алфавита соответствует цифра – командам необходимо расшифровать слово и ответить на поставленный вопрос.

6, 15, 21, 18, 20, 5, 5, 14, 14, 9, 14, 5, 20, 25 – 20,23, 15Fourteen ninety-two (1492)
The ship – 4A“Americans Holidays”

Find the right description of American holiday (texts – слайд)

Командам необходимо прочитать тексты с описанием праздников, и соединить номер праздника с описанием. Команда получает “корабль” за правильность и быстроту выполнения.

The right answersThe wrong answers
1 Independence Day3 – Labour Day
2Christmas Day8 – St. Patrick's Day
3Labour Day7 – Columbus Day
4Halloween5 – President's Day
5President's Day6 – April Fool's Day
6April Fools Day2 – Christmas Day
7Columbus Day4 – Halloween
8St, Patrick's Day1 – Independence Day
  1. Families and friends celebrate this day. Every town and every city have parades, games, and sports with prizes. On that day 1776, the United States became independent from England. It was the beginning of a new life
  2. This is the biggest holiday of the year. Many people enjoy it most of all and say this the main holiday of the year. The President gives his speech on TV. Parents tell their children that Santa Claus will come to their house at night and leave presents for them.
  3. This is a day of rest for the workers. There are also parades on this day. This day is the end of the summer and the beginning of the school year.
  4. This is one of the most favourite holidays of the year. Children dress up, shout “Trick or treat', get sweets, fruit, cakes and people have pumpkins with candles “Jack O' Lantern” in their windows.
  5. On this, day students and pupils read about George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and other American Presidents.
  6. People celebrate this holiday in America in the same way they celebrate it in England, People make jokes on this day and have a lot of fun. People celebrate this holiday in spring
  7. You can see the American Hag everywhere on this day. People honour the man who was the discoverer of their country.
  8. This holiday is very popular in the cities where there are many people from Ireland. People often wear green on this day- If you don't wear green, someone may pinch you.
The ship – 2B“What do you know about America?”

Answer the questions on the topic u America”
Обе команды отвечают на вопросы – “корабль” получает та команда, которая наберет больше балов за правильные ответы

1. What is the capital of the USA?The capital of the USA is Washington, D.C .
2. How do people call the American flag?It is often called the Stars and Stripes.
3. Where is the USA situated?The USA is situated in central part of the North American continent
4. What American actor is known as “Terminator”'It is Arnold Schvarzenegger.
5. What are the main American rivers?They are the Mississippi, the Missouri, the Colorado, the Ohio
6. What largest American cities do you know?The largest cities of the USA are New York. Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia
7. What is the official language in the USThe official language is English
8. Who was the first President of the USAThe first president if the USA was George


9. How many stripes are there on the flag? Why?There are 13 stripes on the flag because there were 13 colonies in America in 1733.
10. What are the colours of the American flag?The colours of the American flag are red, white, and blue.
11. How many stars are there on the American flag? Why?There are 50 stars on the flag because there are 50 states in America.
12. What is the USA washed by?It is washed by the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
13. Who discovered AmericaChristopher Columbus.
14. What is the national symbol of America?The bald eagle.
15. Where is the Statue of Liberty?New York.
16. What is the national spoil in America?Baseball.
The ship – 3C“Interesting places”

How To Play Game Pigeon

Will you look at the blackboard? You will see the pictures of some interesting places in America. What places would you like to visit and why? You must tell us about these places. (photos, pictures, slides)

Учащиеся рассказывают об Американских достопримечательностях

  1. It is the While House. The part where the President of the United States lives and works is not open to the public. The White House is one of the most beautiful places in the capital of the USA. It consists of 132 rooms. You can visit the library, the Red Room, the Blue Room and the Green Room, which have some fantastic old furniture.
  2. The Grand Canyon is one of the places, which attract the tourists visiting America, The canyon is one mile deep and 277 miles long. There are different kinds of plants and animals on the opposite sides of the canyon. The south side is a dry and desert country. The north side has tall forests The canyon looks different at different times of the day and in different seasons and weather.
  3. You can see the Statue of Liberty; it was built in New York Harbor in J886. It was a gift to America from people of France on July 4, 1884. About 12 million immigrants passed through New Your when they came to America. The first thing they saw after their long trip was the statue of Liberty, which is American's symbol of freedom. The Statue of Liberty is the largest statue ever made. It stands 151 feet high and weighs 450000 pounds. The right arm holds a great torch and the left arm holds a tablet with the date of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence.
  4. The Capitol is the tallest building in Washington, D.C., and the most famous building in the United States, because it is the place where the laws are made. The Capitol is surrounded by a beautiful garden with main trees and flowers. You can visit the Capitol from 9 a.m. In the Capitol, you can learn a lit about the first settlements in New England.
Game pigeon sea battle location cheat
The Ship – 1D“The map of the USA”(maps)

Write down the geographical names on the map.

Командам необходимо правильно и быстро заполнить контурную карту США, данными географическими реалиями.

The USA, the Pacific , the Atlantic, the Appalachian, the Cordillera, the Mississippi, the five Great, Saint Lawrence, the Great Salt, the Gulf of Mexico, the Colorado, the Columbia, the Hudson, the Rocky, Lakes, Mountains, Washington, Lake, Valley, Ocean

The ship – 4D“The Right questions”

Now each team will have the task on the cards. You must make up the right questions. Are you ready to star?

Командам необходимо составить вопросительные предложения.

Put the words in a logical orderAnswers
1. Have, what, you, seen, in the park?1. What have you seen in the park?
2. Who, last, was. in Los Angeles, year?2. Who was in Los Angeles last year?
3. USA. Where, the, situated, is?3. Where is the USA situated?
4. They, when, celebrate, will, Halloween?4. When will they celebrate Halloween?
5.Whom, people, near. House, can, the, White, meet?5. Whom can people meet near the White House?
The ship -3E“Domino”

I can see you like to play games. The next task for you is to match the English words with their Russian equivalents.

Каждая команда получает набор карточек для игры. На каждой карточке написаны два слова: одно слово на русском языке, другое слово – на английском языке. Задание: расположить карточки таким образом, чтобы получилась цепочка слов. После выполнения задания, команды по очереди зачитывают цепочки слов

countryОказывать давлениеpressureнезависимый
independenceгазетаnewspaperСжимать сокращать
The ship – 2F“American holidays”

You will make up the name of the English holidays, using the parts of the words and know what holidays American people celebrate.

Соединить части слов и получить названия Американских праздников.

Части слов (задание)Ответы
we en
dent's Day
Luther King Day
bus Day
ran's Day
Year's Day
New Year's Day,
Martin Luther King`s Day.
President's Day,
Columbus Day,
Veteran's Day,
Independence Day
The ship – 1G“Dramatizing”

Домашнее задание – команды готовят инсценированные представления, шутки, юмористические рассказы (скетчи)

  1. Tom: Father, our teacher doesn't know what horse is. Father: Why do you think, Tom?
    Tom: You know, I drew a horse yesterday and showed it to the teacher and he asked me what it was?
  1. Mother: What is wrong with your new shirt, Nick? It is full of holes
    Nick: I played grocery shop with my friends and I was the Swiss cheese.
  1. Son: Oh, Mummy, must I learn music
    Mother: Yes, my boy, you must – every nice boy must learn music now. But you can choose any instrument you like. Son: May I? Then may it be the tape recorder.
  1. Some people are working in the library reading room. A little boy is playing with his pen and causing much noise. The librarian asks him to stop it.
    Librarian: Excuse me. Will you be quiet please.


Librarian; I said will you be quiet, please
Boy: I am sorry, can you say that again?
Librarian: Silence in the library!
Boy: What did you say?
Librarian: I said, be quiet!
Boy: What?
Librarian: Shut up!

The ship- 4 G“Washington”

Game Pigeon Sea Battleship Locations

Make up as many the words as you can, from the letters of this word “Washington”

Составить как можно больше слов, используя буквы слова”Washington”. Команды по очереди называют слова. Каждое слово можно использовать один раз. Побеждает та команда, которая назвала последнее слово.

Ответ: wash, town, no, on, go, to, hot, got. sing, song, was, saw, hang,

The ship-2H

Will you look at the blackboard, please? Let's read the words on it. You’ll have to think and write down as many sentences as you can on the Topic “'America”

На доске написаны слова по теме “Америка”. В течении 4 минут командам нужно составить как можно больше предложений с данными словами. При оценивании работы учитывается количество предложений,использование различных речевых структур и грамматическая правильность предложений.

Capital skyscraper, Disneyland, cowboys, native, the Mississippi Thanksgiving Day, rodeo, turkey, Asia, Americans, a symboll. The capital of the USA is Washington
2. New York is the city of skyscrapers
3. The Mississippi is the mighty river
4. 1 want to visit Disneyland
5. Do you want to take part in a rodeo?
6. Cowboys like to wear jeans
7. Native Americans came from Asia over 20.000 years
8. Turkey is a symbol of Thanksgiving Day.

The Ship- JH“Translation”

Read and translate the poem
Командам необходимо подготовить перевод стихотворения.

The wise Owl


There was an old owl lived in an oak,
The more he heard, the less he spoke.
The less he spoke, the more he heard
Oh, if men were all love that wise bird!

Game Pigeon Sea Battle

“Мудрая сова”

Жила была сова.
Она вела себя премило:
Чем больше слушала слова, тем меньше говорила
Тем больше услыхать могла, что пригодится.
Ах, если б люди были так мудры, как эта птица!

Game Pigeon Sea Battle Cheat

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