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Welcome to Play Great Poker, the Free Resource for How to Play Poker. Here you will find information on How to Play Texas Holdem Poker as well as a
  • Poker chips or substitute (optional) Basic Poker rules. Learning to how to play basic poker is not nearly as hard as many people imagine. There are generally two types: Stud Poker and Draw Poker. The rules for these games are almost identical and both are presented here. In Stud Poker, each player is dealt five cards (or seven for some games).
  • Quite a few people would consider this ordeal intimidating and uncomfortable, while playing the same poker game against a. Labels: How To Play Poker.
  • How to Play a Poker Game. Before we get started some basic rules for how to play poker you should first get familiar with the basic poker hand rankings. Maybe 90% of all beginner mistakes happen when someone thinks they have the winning poker hand and they don’t.
Free Poker Game where you can practice and test what you learn.

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Below we have identified and ordered what we think are the building blocks for learning How to Play Poker. We start with the steps of how to learn No Limit Texas Holdem and memorizing the Poker Hand Rankings. Once you get those basics down, you can practice with our Free Poker Game or organize a fun home game with your friends or family. Also included here is a link to our glossary, allowing you to look up any poker term that is not familiar to you.
After getting an understanding of how to play the game, we included some of the most important fundamental building blocks for learning how to win at Poker. Position and starting hands are by far the two most important concepts to learn first. By understanding position at the table and which hands to play is the foundation of a strong poker game and will give you a jump start into your Poker journey to becoming a winning Poker Player. Good luck and read on.
How to Play Poker Learning Resources
  • How to Play Texas Holdem Poker
  • Poker Hand Rankings
  • Free Poker Game to Practice Texas Holdem Poker
  • Hosting a Home Poker Game
  • Poker Glossary
  • Positional Awareness and Starting Hand Charts
  • Recommended Poker Books for Beginners

How to Play Poker - The Basics

Let's start with the basics of How to Play Poker by learning the steps of How to Play Texas Holdem Poker and Memorizing the Poker Hand Rankings. Once we are confident with those we can practice using The Free Poker Game or organize our own Home Poker Game.

How to Play Texas Holdem Poker

No-Limit Texas Holdem is the most popular poker game in the world and probably the first Poker game you want to learn when striving to learn How to Play Poker. No-Limit Texas Holdem is a game where the player is dealt two private face down cards known as the player’s hole cards. Each player uses those two cards, along with a combination of five shared community cards, to make their best five card poker hand. The five community cards are dealt in three deals. The flop (three cards), the turn (one card) and the river (one card). Players bet after being dealt their two hole cards as well as on the flop, turn, and river. A player wins when everyone else folds or they have the best hand based on the Poker Hand Rankings at the end of the hand, known as the showdown. Learning How to Play No-Limit Texas Holdem Poker seems like a simple game on the surface. But as the saying goes, No-Limit Texas Holdem takes only a few minutes to learn, but a lifetime to master. Learn the Steps and Basics for Playing Texas Holdem Poker. Here are the Steps for How to Play Texas Holdem Poker

Poker Hand Rankings

When you are new to Poker, a key element of learning How to Play Poker is knowing the Poker Hand Rankings. Your very first task for learning How To Play Poker is memorizing the Poker Hand Rankings. There are ten hands that are ranked within the Poker Hand Rankings from the very best, which is a Royal Flush, to a Single High Card when no one has made a hand. Print out the Hand Rankings and study them until you memorize them. You don’t want to look at the Hand Rankings when playing live or you will be telling your opponents you think you have something. Read More About How to Play Poker and Hand Rankings

FREE POKER GAME - Practice How to Play Poker for Free

What better way to Learn How to Play Poker than Playing Poker? Even better, learning how to Play Poker without risking your money is even better. Here at Play Great Poker, we provide visitors a Texas Holdem Poker Game Free, so they can Play Poker online, free. Free Poker Games provide players a great opportunity to learn How to Play Poker as well as improving their Texas Holdem Poker skills without risking their Bankroll and just have fun playing Texas Holdem Poker Read More about How to Play Poker Free

Hosting a Home Game to Help Learn How to Play Poker

When learning How to Play Poker, another great way to learn is to organize a Home Poker Game known in the Poker World as Home Games. These Home Games can range from a casual social night with friends or co-workers to a hard-core night of gambling with serious poker players. Of course, if you are learning How to Play Poker, you may want to avoid hardcore players. So, if you are thinking about Hosting a Home Poker Game, you will need certain basic items. Basic items include playing cards (multiple decks) and Poker Chips. We have provided a complete list of items from the basics items up to items for the hardcore players. Find the items need to Host a Home Game

Poker Glossary

When you learn How to Play Poker, there may be some Poker Terms you do not understand. See our Poker Glossary to enhance your knowledge for How to Play Poker and learn the Poker Lingo. Visit our Poker Glossary as needed when learning How to Play Poker
Fundamental Building Blocks for Winning Poker

As with anything, it starts with the fundamentals. The first and two most important Fundamentals you will need to become a winning poker player is Positional Awareness and Starting Hands. By knowing which starting hands we should play in each position, it will provide us a good chance to win every hand we decide to play. That means learning about Positional Awareness and Starting Hands.

Positional Awareness
After mastering the basic rules of How to Play Poker along with the Poker Hand Rankings, the next thing you will need to concentrate on is learning which two card starting hands are good to play and which you should fold. The strength of your two card starting hand can vary based on your position at the table. Positional Awareness is the understanding of how your position at the table affects your ability to win the hand. Below, we provided links to starting hand guidelines for each position. Position can make all your decisions easy or hard, it can determine whether you call, raise, or fold and it can make the same exact two cards either a good hand or bad. Read More on How to Play Poker using Positional Awareness
Starting Hand Charts for the 6 Max Game
Learning How to Play Poker includes knowing what are the best hands and learning which hands to Play based on Position. When you start playing you can follow a hand chart which will give you a good default base for what hands to play. As you improve, you can modify the hand charts based on your knowledge and skill level. When playing online a six player table is very popular – known as 6 Max. Here you will find the charts for the 6 Max table by position. Read More on How to Play Poker using Six Max Starting Hand Chart
Starting Hand Charts for the Full Ring Game
The same logic as above for the 6 Max table applies to a full ring game. As we said above, learning How to Play Poker starts with knowing which are the best hands and learning to Play Hands based on Position. Here are helpful Starting Hand Charts for Full Ring Games. Read More on How to Play Poker using Full Ring Starting Hand Charts
Recommended Books on How to Play Poker for Beginners

Texas Hold'em For Dummies
This is a classic book and still one of the best books for learning How to Play Poker. Texas Hold'em For Dummies is written by Mark Harlan. This poker for dummies book is one in an extensive collection on the various topics of books named “For Dummies”, which is targeted to someone new to the subject. This Poker for Dummies book introduces the readers to the fundamental concepts and strategies of Texas Hold'em. It covers the rules for playing and betting, odds, etiquette, Hold'em lingo, and offers sound advice to avoid mistakes. This handy reference guide gives new and even seasoned players winning strategies and tactics not just for playing the game, but for winning. It’s a good first book for those who want to learn how to play poker. Even though it’s an older poker book, it may be one of the best poker books for someone brand new to Texas Hold’em. Read about How to Play Poker using Texas Holdem Poker for Dummies on Amazon

Ways To Play Poker

Recommended Book for Players Looking to Play Online Poker

Fundamentals of Playing Online Texas Holdem Poker : By Mike Matteo
This Book is targeted to those who already know How to Play Poker. But it is an excellent book for those looking to play Online Texas Holdem Poker for the first time. Game Pigeon Poker How To Play
Fundamentals of Playing Online Texas Holdem is a complete Guide from getting started to becoming a winning online player. This is the best poker book for those who know How to Play Poker but are looking to start online for the first time or are new to online and need help with techniques and strategies, as well as any online poker player interested in enhancing their Poker knowledge. The book covers things like the history of online poker, differences between live and online, multi-tabling, to moving up the ranks, but the heart of the book is its Fundamental Building Blocks for strategy. The Fundamental Building Blocks are the core strategies that need to be mastered first when playing online. These Building Blocks are designed to enforce a base set of strategies that most if not all winning online players utilize as well as targeting the most common game situations. These Building Blocks include Poker Strategies such as Positional Awareness, Starting Hands, HUDs, Blind Play, Poker Math, CBetting, Profiling Players and Tilt. Read More about the Book our Poker Experts rated the Best Poker Book for Online Poker