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You’ve heard the hype around GamePigeon and managed to download the app but you can’t start any game. No matter how you try to start a new game or any game for that matter, nothing seems to work. Worry no more since in this tutorial, I will show you not only how to start a game on GamePigeon, but also how to play games on iMessage.

How to start a game on GamePigeon

  • Open iMessage on your iPhone then tap on any thread
  • Tap the AppStore icon located on the appdrawer at the bottom of iMessage
  • Tap the four dots that appear on the bottom left section of the screen
  • Tap Store then type GamePigeon and hit search
  • Select the first result and tap Install then wait until the installation completes
  • Open any new messages thread on iMessage
  • Tap the Appstore icon at the bottom then select your preferred game
  • Tap Start to play GamePigeon with your friends

When looking for games to play over text, you need to have a recipient on the other end who will be the player 2. You can also play around with GamePigeon settings to customize the app to your liking.

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How to start any game on iMessage

Starting a game on iMessage is in every sense similar to the procedure I have provided above. Enter iMessage and Select the AppStore then choose your preferred game and tap to install. Once it is installed, tap the iMessage AppStore once more and select the game you’ve just installed. That’s it!

How to start a new game on GamePigeon

To start a game on GamePigeon, simply open any iMessage thread, scroll down to the bottom. Find GamePigeon, or if it isn’t available, click the three dots at the bottom right. Tap the app and select your preferred game. Tap on it to start.

Hopefully, you’ve managed to start this game or any iMessage game and played against your friends. I’ve also created a tutorial that will guide you if GamePigeon is not working on your iPhone.

Escape games are one of the hottest new nationwide trends! At these fun attractions, guests are “locked” in a room and must solve a puzzle or mystery to escape. Participants usually only have a set amount of time to find all of the clues, so each game is a race against the clock. Pigeon Forge, TN is home to a number of awesome escape games with a variety of themed adventures. To help you make the most of your vacation, All Season Suites has put together a guide to four excellent escape games in Pigeon Forge.

1. The Tomb

The Tomb is the only escape game in Pigeon Forge to feature state of the art special effects and interactive elements. Guests at The Tomb play the role of archaeologists exploring an ancient Egyptian pyramid. During the expedition, the ghost of a Pharaoh is awoken from his eternal slumber and traps all of the archeologists inside the tomb. Your group will have to work together to solve the Pharaoh’s challenges to escape from the pyramid before time runs out.

2. The Escape Game

Located at The Island in Pigeon Forge, The Escape Game offers a great selection of adventures to choose from:

Gold Rush: Participants go searching in the hills of Northern California for a missing prospector and his secret stash of gold. Will you find the treasure before a group of mobsters gets there first?

The Heist: A priceless piece of artwork has been stolen and it’s up to your team to retrieve the masterpiece from the thieves.

Prison Break: After being wrongly convicted of a crime you’re sentenced to life in prison. Can you escape from your cell before the cruel warden gets his hands on you?

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Classified: In this high-stakes mission, your group must foil an international terrorist plot before it’s too late. This is one of the most popular escape games in Pigeon Forge!

3. Kryptology Escape Rooms

Kryptology Escape Rooms is another excellent destination for anyone who loves a good mystery. Here are the three different escape games you can enjoy at Kryptology:

Vanished in Roswell: When a scientist goes missing at the top secret military base in Roswell, NM, it’s up to your team to track him down. Could an otherworldly presence be behind his disappearance?

The Orphanage: Your group must escape from a haunted orphanage before the angry spirits take their revenge.

Da Vinci’s Challenge: While on an archeological expedition in Florence, you stumble upon Leonardo da Vinci’s lost workshop. When the door locks behind you, the only way to escape is to follow the clues left by da Vinci himself.

4. Trapped Escape Game

Visitors to Trapped Escape Game will have 60 minutes to solve their choice of the following mysteries:

Asylum: Your group must find the doctor’s secret records in a creepy asylum that is known for human experimentation.

Capone: When mob boss Al Capone suspects you of being an FBI informant, his goons take you captive. Can you escape before Capone returns to settle the score?

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Haunted Cabin: A famous moonshiner leaves behind an enormous fortune when he mysteriously disappears. Can you find the treasure in his haunted cabin?

Alcatraz: After escaping from almost every federal prison in the nation, you are sent to Alcatraz. Can you break out of the world’s most notorious penitentiary?

When you stay at All Season Suites, you will be near all of these thrilling escape games in Pigeon Forge. Our hotel is located right on Dollywood Lane, minutes from the attractions, shops, and restaurants on the Parkway. With a complimentary hot breakfast each morning, outdoor seasonal pool, fun game room, 24-hour fitness center, and free WiFi, All Season Suites has everything you need for an incredible vacation. To start planning your getaway, browse our selection of Pigeon Forge hotel rooms!