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The Beer Pong Game

What began as a drinking game in American colleges has developed into a world-famous party hit: Bier Pong, also called Beer Pong Beirut. Beer Pong belongs to every party and is set up quickly. Here you will learn the rules and what you need.

What do you need for the drinking game Beer Pong?


  • Beerpong Accessories: A smooth playing surface, 6 to 15 cups, balls (e.g., table tennis balls)
  • Players: 2 or 4 or more
  • Used drinks: Normal beer, non-alcoholic beer or other drinks, about 1 to 2 liters
  • Construction time: 3 minutes
  • Playing time: 10 to 20 minutes

Preparation and setup of a Beer Pong game:

Cup Pong Game Pigeon Tips

The great thing about Beer Pong: The game can be played in countless variations, the number of players is just as flexible as that of the balls and cups. Beer Pong can be played as a single or a double. As a Beer Pong game area, you can use a table, a table tennis table or even the floor. The playing field should have a size of approx. 4 to 8 feet and in the middle a visible dividing line. But you can also play it without a dividing line.

Place the cups per side in triangular formation (3-2-1) on the playing surface, whereby the 3 cups should be at the back and closer to the edge of the table. According to the name Bier Pong, the cups are now filled with beer or alternatively with another beverage. A tip: The filling should not exceed 50 to 100 ml - unless you want to get very drunk very quickly!

Setting up the cups at Beer Pong:

The arrangement of the cups should look like the following picture.

Game Pigeon Cup Pong Rules

How a Beer Pong game is started:

Beer Pong Beirut is played 1 against 1 or 2 against 2. The incipient team will be determined either by a scissors-stone-paper duel or if 2 table tennis balls are present, by a special throwing method. In this style of throwing, both opponents look at each other in the eye, while they simultaneously try to throw a ball into a cup. The first one to start is allowed. If both hit at the same time, they continue thrown until one player hits and the other does not. If a player breaks eye contact while casting, the other team may start, whether it hits or not.

Base rules for Beer Pong:

Beer Pong Beirut is a turn-based game. Each round consists of each player in a team trying to throw a table tennis ball into an opponent’s cup. If this succeeds, the opposing team must drink the cup and the cup is taken off the field. If the player does not hit one of the cups, nothing happens. After each player has thrown the team, the opposing team’s turn and may throw. It is thrown until a team no longer has a cup on the field.

Then the big Beer Pong Final: The losers have to drink all remaining cups on the table.

In addition to the basic rules, there are plenty of additional rules that make the game more varied. Additional rules for Beer Pong Beirut can be freely combined. Below we have listed some additional rules for Beer Pong.

The Bier Pong Set

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Cup Pong Game

Beer Pong additional rules:

If you want to make Beer Pong even more exciting, here are some additional rules:

Cup Pong Strategy Game Pigeon

Double hit:

If both members of a team hit, the team may throw again. This rule can be repeated forever.

Same cup:

If a team hits in the same cup, it has won immediately and the opposing team must drink all the remaining cups. However, once a ball is thrown into a cup, the opposing team can pick it up and drink it.



Each team may ask the opposing team to rearrange the cups as they wish. Usually, there is only one reordering per team and game.


Game Pigeon Cup Pong Rules Free

A team can make a substitution per game. This throws a not assigned to the team person. If this occurs, the opposing team must drink an additional cup selected by the attacking team. If this does not apply, the attacking team must drink a cup assigned by the defending team.

Blow and finger:

An additional rule that allows balls that still rotate in the cup to be removed from the cup. Women are allowed to blow the balls out of the cup and men are allowed to finger the balls out of the cup. Once the ball touches the beer in the cup, blowing and fingering is no longer allowed. If the cup is overturned while trying, it is refilled, drunk and removed from the game.


If a player throws his eyes closed and hits, the opposing team must drink a second cup. The mug is determined by the pitcher.


If a player throws the ball behind his back and hits, the opposing team must drink a second cup. The mug is determined by the pitcher.

Portable Beer Pong Set

As a true Beer Pong fan you know that feeling: You are at a house party and the only table that would be suitable for a round of Beer Pong, is completely full of stuff.But as a true Beer Pong fan, you always have your portable Beer Pong table with you and save this boring party from going home.

Dangers in the drinking game Beer Pong:

Cup Pong Games Free

As funny as Beer Pong is, as always: be careful when dealing with alcohol and know your limits!

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