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Racing Pigeon Speed Android latest 1.0.5 APK Download and Install. Calculates Velocity - Speed - Flying Time. Pigeon Racing Speed & Real Time Race Speed Calculator. This app will figure your racing pigeon Flying time, Overfly, & Speed in YPM (yards per minute), MPH (miles per hour), MPM (meters per minute). Little rhody pigeon fancier's show 7 common health problems health schedule feed & speed calculator show standards color chart print your own pedigree american racing pigeon union forms louis janssen passes away google maps contact us american racing pigeon union heros. 'Calculate which your best birds are from a season of performances. Birds ordered into Ranking based upon PERFORMANCES, a rating (%) is used to asses how well a bird has done over the whole season. Now graphical results too.'

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There are several tricks that are used by trainers while training a racing pigeon. There is much more to racing pigeons than the body color or the shape of the wings. These elite birds are bred specially to compete in racing competitions. The key to a successful campaign is to interact with your bird. Giving them gentle and regular attention ensures trust in them towards their owners. The loving care that they receive on the ground will motivate them when they are in the skies. Take a shot the next time you train a racing pigeon by following certain rules to increase racing pigeons speed.

How to Train a Racing Pigeon for Race Day?

While there is no one perfect rule while training, a combination certainly helps. Keep these tips in mind when training a racing pigeon.

  • Good Health: This is the most important aspect to consider when you prepare a pigeon for a race. Good health dictates a bird’s performance. Ensure it by giving it a regular, healthy and proper diet.
  • Give the Young Ones’ Time: While you need to train the racing pigeons from a young age, do not overwork them. Give them time to mature physically before putting a routine strain on them. Long, hard flights are a strict no if you want them to perform later in life.
  • Keep the Basket Light: If you are a fancier regularly racing your pigeons, you are most likely to carry a basket, i.e., a number of pigeons. Keep their population at a check. Do not overcrowd their place of stay for your benefits. It might lead to an outbreak of sickness among many pigeons staying together.

Pigeon Racing Speed Calculator

  • Concentrate on Quality over Quantity: A few good pigeons are always preferable over a large population of weak ones. A large flying team only increases your cost of maintaining them. All you need is an efficient dedication to a few good ones that you have.
  • Commitment: When training your pigeons for a race, you need all year commitment. Allow them to grow. Go slowly and build up their training a little bit every day.
  • Spend Time with them: Your pigeons need looking after. Spend time to know which of your pigeons are capable enough to race.

Benefits of Increasing Racing Pigeon Speed

Free download racing pigeon speed calculator download

When fidgeting with the question of how to make pigeons fly fast, you might consider the use of supplements for your racing pigeons. Benefits of Pigeon Flight Enhancers are:

  • Enhances the power of flight over the short and long duration.
  • Increases energy of the birds.
  • Enhances immunity of the birds and makes them resistant to certain diseases.
  • Helps elevate the body quality of the pigeons, giving them stronger feathers.
  • Supplements are easily digestible.

Pigeon racing is more of a passion than a profession or a mode of entertainment. While supplements can help to increase racing pigeons speed, you should take care of the little ones and train them properly to ensure successful racing campaigns.