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新作 BL Game「Pigeon Blood」CG Preview (2014.10.10: 3rd update) Posted on 2014/10/09 by BLACKVIPER // 17 Comments ※ 18세 이상 성인용의 CG가 게재되므로 주의바랍니다. IStock Pigeon Blood Discus Fish Stock Photo - Download Image Now Download this Pigeon Blood Discus Fish photo now. And search more of iStock's library of royalty-free stock images that features Animal photos available for quick and easy download. Product #: gm $ 12.00 iStock In stock. Download Blood Domination - BL Game apk 1.0.9 for Android. A visual-novel BL game themed on vampires, 'blood and contract'.'s soichi is 62 years old. It is an active ultra rockguitarist.He finished this song overnight (it's a form of a concert at home with clenched teeth, a home recording, without sitting in a chair, with straps on!He sent me an email the next morning.'I finished the song ...'Yes, before that,When he was young, he was fighting everywhere like a rabies with a naughty shaven,One day, the other day was a former boxer!!There was no doubt soichi!Since then, soichi's jaws have been made of metal !!Yes, soichi had a strong jaw.Following the email from soichi, 'I finished the song! I will go to the dental doctor !!'Please listen to soichi's guitar !!And the strings of Gina Wood are the deciding factor of this song!Gina Wood kawashima

Comment by Amanda Kim Sanderson

@romane5: Ah wow!!! How awesome of you sweet Shin!!!🙏💖

Comment by Amanda Kim Sanderson

@romane5: AWWw

Comment by shin*semia

@phoebeelena: Hi !!! My favorite singer & My Precious, Friend, Amanda!! Thank you so much, Always,

Comment by Amanda Kim Sanderson

Stunning work from the two of you! <3

Comment by soGma

Pigeon Blood Ruby Prices

@2lm6carbzy5o: 62歳、ギター一筋、50年。 もう脳みその一粒も残っておりません !!今後とも宜しくお願い致します。

Comment by soGma

@grevusanjl:Justin Thank you. Yeah, good soichi guitar. We're probably in the same age, Justin. sogma is the taste of those days. Because there are 3 members and the age is over 180! Lol Please continue to support us !!

Comment by 樂天則

Playing a guitar with growth is cool ❕

Comment by GrevusAnjl

This is an exceptional musical team. Your combined talents make for powerful compositions and moods. Bravo, my friends. :)

Comment by GrevusAnjl

Has the quality of a rowdy sci-fi thriller. I love how the rocking guitars feel like a distant memory. Very nice mix. :)

Comment by soGma

@thegats: Wow.! TheGat(s). Comings Thank you so much, Honored !! Thank you from us.

Comment by soGma

@mzrpklps: Thank you so much, from us.

Comment by MZRPKLPS

very good!

Comment by TheGat(s)

Like the production with that low level distant guitar still dominating it all.

Comment by TheGat(s)

Some attractive fret based madness starting this out.

Comment by soGma

@andreas-stock-6: Thank you so much, from us !!!

Comment by Andy Bushell

@soma-soundproject: your very welcome :)

Comment by Andreas Stock 5

Download Pigeon Bloodshot

very nice one


Comment by soGma

@keitblues: Wow !!! Welcome!! Keiton !! it's Great !!!! I'm your fan!! Thank you for message.

Comment by soGma

@pjdahmen: Thank you so much, from us !!!

Comment by soGma

@tsugumi60: あラッ!! ここでは、TsuguMiさんで、ご出勤されてましたね !! azusaさん!! Shinです~ぅ!!毎度ありがとうごさいます!! guitar62歳の爺ちゃんです!! 入れ歯飛ばしながら頑張ってます!! いつ倒れるか判らないので、応援してねェェ、、、!!

Comment by Keiton

Great sounds.

Comment by TsuguMi


Comment by Peter Heckmann

@soma-soundproject: So I heard, ouch :-)

Comment by Lukowig

@soma-soundproject My pleasure! Glad you liked Affliction! 🙏🤩🌹

Comment by Paul Dahmen

sound is great

Pigeon Blood Bl

Comment by soGma

@dominiquebriand: Wow!! always Thank you so much, Dominique Briand. The guitar soichi went straight to the dentist the day after finishing this song. lol..!!

Comment by Dominique Briand

Fantastic track, awesome guitar !

Comment by Nathalie B20

@soma-soundproject You're welcome😊

Comment by soGma

@shabboo-harper: Ann !! Welcome !!! Thank you so much, My Precious!!!!

Comment by soGma

@dominiquefrench: Always, Thank you so much, My Precious, Dominiquefrench !!

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