Does Game Pigeon Work Across Countries

GMB recently published the study by Polli Cavalcanti, and the subject caught the attention of Bites board, who opted to hold a live, coordinated by the company's partner, Manoel Fernandes, to expand the dissemination of the work regardless the firm’s analyst.
In greeting the visitors of the live, Fernandes highlighted how interesting was Polliana's study on the popular game jogo do bicho in digital Brazil and the ability of Bites to understand the set of themes in the online world.
Polliana commented that she did the study based on her interest in understanding what subjects people searched for most on Google. “I came across the jogo do bicho as one of the 25 most searched terms in the search engine. It stays at the same level and sometimes even exceeds searches by Gmail and google translator,” she says.

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Does Game Pigeon Work Across Countries

Does Game Pigeon Work Across Countries Must

According to her, it is a very present subject among people with access to the digital world, although not much is said about it. “I wanted to find out the level of this pirated digital inclusion of the jogo do bicho, so I made a comparison with the main digital games today. Comparing with all of them, jogo do bicho is very much ahead,” she said.
'I made the comparison and realized that the jogo do bicho, alone, surpasses the combined searches of GTA, Fortnite, LoL and Counter Strike, very popular electronic games that involve disputes and countless championships', she said, emphasizing that the search per the game even surpasses that of Jair Bolsonaro. 'In other words, it is more popular than the President of the Republic', she commented.

Manoel Fernandes said he was surprised by the result. 'I considered that electronic games, being very popular since users are from the super connected generation, were exploding in search engines.'
Polliana said that eSports are really growing a lot, “but still it doesn't come close to the search for the jogo do bicho in the tool I analyzed. I think there are a lot of people who play and maybe they are ashamed to say. And what surprises me is the fact that this audience is not seen as a target by advertising.”
The analyst's study was so detailed that she sought to understand the behavior in searches across Brazil, identifying that only in Acre state the search for an electronic game modality, the GTA, surpassed the search for jogo do bicho.
To reinforce the interest that the term awakens in the population, Polliana comments that even the coronavirus, which changed the world reality and became one of the most treated topics in all corners, in the period of the study was in 20th place, that is, very close to the subject of her study.

Also as part of the research, Polliana comments that she found, in the period studied, 193 thousand tweets, 'which represents about 1/3 of the messages about municipal election, which was a topic of great interest in 2020', she quoted.
According to Polliana, unlike social networks and the internet, the mainstream media only treats the jogo do bicho as a criminal activity. 'No major media talks about the result of a draw, contrary to what the population deals with and searches for on the Internet,' she said.
She wanted to understand if the jogo do bicho had a digital reach and detected that more than 2 million downloads were made from applications for Android, 'a volume very similar to those of some startups.' In her study she also found that there were 1.3 million unique accesses per month on the three main sites dealing with the topic and a total of 35 million accesses on these sites.

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According to Polliana, this is also reflected in the revenue issue of these sites, 'because they are all full of ads, which gives an idea of the interest on the advertisers.'
Polliana also took the opportunity to compare the accesses to twitch with those of the three most popular sites on jogo do bicho between August and October this year. “There were 40 million hits to, against 35 million on the three sites analyzed. This is the digital inclusion of the jogo do bicho.”
Manoel Fernandes confirmed the public's interest in the subject, saying that the jogo do bicho matches the website of the Ministry of Finance, which has about 33 million hits per month.
On Youtube, the researcher found more than 101 million views on channels with videos on the topic, the main ones being those that indicated the promised techniques as infallible formulas for hunches, beliefs about the jogo do bicho and other manifestations.
In her conclusions, Polliana recalled that the jogo do bicho is 100 years old, having arrived before the ballpoint pen, cinema, airplane and other inventions. 'All this and electronic games have arrived, but the traditional jogo do bicho continues to adapt and is part of the routine of many Brazilians, attesting that it has made its collaborative digital transformation.'

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Source: GMB