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The combination of winter and Covid means all of us will be out of practice at the start of next season. This could be a big opportunity for those who want to be up with the winners when competitions begin again - intensive practice at home with DryFire will keep skills honed to perfection.

Hotbarrels Clay Pigeon Shooting is a one or two player shooting game that plays directly from the CD. It is developed using Macromedia Flash Player 7.The game has two game modes, 'Practice' and 'Shooting. Be patient and don't waste the bullets. You have only 2 attempts two perform a perfect shot. Become a master of clay-pigeon shooting in this Skeet Challenge game! In addition, players can also search for other games with the same theme as this world like Sniper Scope 2. What are you waiting for without saving to the game list?

For 20 years DryFire has helped Sunday shooters and champions improve their scores by providing intensive practice against highly accurate targets - all in the comfort of home. So, now is time to take the opportunity to spend an hour or two each day improving and honing your shooting skills with DryFire ready for the start of the 2021 season.

Using your own gun you can practise any discipline: trap, skeet and sporting, at any level: club, national and international. Targets follow national and international rules with the same angular trajectories, and the same angular speeds, as clays outdoors.

Experience the variety and challenge of a competitive sporting clay pigeon layout in this highly addictive virtual shooting game set in the beautiful grounds of the Harewood Estate in Yorkshire. CLAZER is the first patented virtual reality shotgun shooting simulator. It is based on patented technology from industry leader Lead Tech. Playing CLAZER is the most cost and time efficient way to learn and practice clay shooting away from the range.

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You select the layout or target you want, e.g. Olympic Skeet Station 4 doubles, stand in front of the wall or screen, take up your shooting position, swing back to your hold point, call 'Pull', acquire the target, start your swing, allow the correct amount of lead, fire and follow through - exactly as you do outdoors.

DryFire provides accurate feedback, to the nearest fraction of an inch, as to where your shot went: above, below, ahead, behind - the sort of feedback we rarely get outdoors.

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