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Magazine Size:1
Max Ammo:
Reload Time:1.0s
Fire Rate:0.20
Charge Time:1.0s
Sell Creep Price:16
Unlock Method:Purchase from Doug for 12 .
Introduced in:
Ammonomicon Entry
Batting .50
A standard baseball bat, modified to hit bullets instead of balls. Launches enemy projectiles back with a vengeance!

Nothing can happen until you swing the bat.

The Turbulent Tale of Yandere Dev - A Six Year Struggle TRO (ft. Thafnine) - Duration: 1:38:06. The Right Opinion 1,489,489 views.

Casey is a melee weapon that increases curse by 2. Swinging the bat after a long charge-up will damage nearby enemies and reflect nearby bullets. The bodies of enemies killed by the bat will be launched and can damage other enemies.


  • Careful Iteration - If the player has Armor of Thorns, Shotgun Full of Hate, Nail Gun, or Eyepatch, Casey becomes spiked and fires a spread of 6 nails each time it is swung. When an enemy is hit with Casey, they will become dark red and take damage over time.
    • This also changes the sound effect of 'readying' Casey. This change also seems to be affected by Scattershot causing the new sound effect to multiply.
  • Casey will not reveal secret room walls, nor can be fed to Munchers.
  • Casey's swing actually fires an invisible short-ranged projectile. This projectile can be made visible with modifiers such as Cursed Bullets, and can even orbit the player with Orbital Bullets.
    • The orbiting Casey bullet does not reflect enemy bullets, however.
  • Reflected bullets are affected by the player's bullet modifiers - Homing Bullets will give deflected bullets a chance to home in on enemies, Shock Rounds will cause deflected bullets to become electrified, and so on.
    • Ghost Bullets are an exception to this, as reflected bullets do not pierce through enemies.
  • If combined with Flak Bullets, Casey will shoot three high damage pellets, making Casey more functional as a long range weapon. These bullets also retain Casey's 'launch upon death' property.
  • Casey can deflect the High Dragun's rocket attack, but the deflected rocket will not deal damage.
  • Most explosive enemies killed with Casey will have their explosion delayed to prevent unnecessary damage taken.
  • The Laser Sight will not appear when holding Casey.
  • The swing from the bat can reflect the bullet portals summoned by Killithid.
  • If the Bullet King or Old King’s Chancellor is hit with Casey from about a Casey’s length away, the Chancellor’s body will deal a large amount of damage to the boss it hits, killing both Bullet King and Old King in one hit.
  • If a High Gunjurer or Apprentice Gunjurer is killed by Casey at the exact moment it launches its attack, the attack will be duplicated and a second layer of bullets is launched right behind the first.

In-game Footage


  • This weapon is a reference to the poem Casey at the Bat, written in 1888 by Ernest Thayer.
    • This weapon is a reference to the Casey Bat from Earthbound, which is also named after the poem. This is supported by the high damage of the weapon; Gungeon's Casey has the same damage as the S-Tier AU Gun, and in Earthbound, the Casey Bat is the highest damage weapon for Ness.
  • This might also be a reference to Casey Jones, a character in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles known for fighting with various sporting goods, such as hockey sticks and of course, baseball bats.
  • This gun is among those Gunsling King and Manservantes can challenge the player to clear a room with.
  • The top half of the bat is a shotgun shell casing, making its name a pun.
  • The quote 'Nothing can happen until you swing the bat.' is from FLCL.
  • The tagline “Batting .50” is a reference to .50 caliber bullets and Batting Average in baseball (a theoretical 0.500 being impossibly good).
  • The fact that the weapon increases curse while being carried stems from the Gungeon rejecting melee weapons.
  • Usually, opening a chest containing Casey causes it to appear on the right side of the chest, instead of the center.
  • Whenever the player finishes a round with a super punch in the Resourceful Rat's Punch-Out!! phase, he will swing Casey at the player. Even if the player has Casey, The Rat will still use it and the player will be unable to.


  • The Casey's appearance with the Careful Iteration synergy.

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Go on, get!
The Engineer shooing away a dove.

Doves appeared in all Valve-made maps with the exception of Arena maps, Target, and Item Test. There were 78 perched doves in total.

There were two types of doves: perched and flying. The perched doves did not move, blink, or fly; they remained perfectly stationary, unless attacked or touched by a player, which would cause them to explode. The explosion caused no damage or knockback. Doves that had exploded would re-appear at the beginning of a new round. The Über Update removed the doves from maps.

On June 17, 2011, the Team Fortress website was updated with pictures of doves and dove droppings across the top of the main page. Additionally, clicking on one of the three doves 'perched' at the top of the page lead to three different pictures, each with different connotations to the Medic: a bombed, ruined hospital; a waiting room; and a doctor's office, respectively, all of which appeared empty and abandoned. On June 20th, 2011, the doves on the main page were removed due to the redesign of the Team Fortress website.


When used, the Meet the Medic taunt spawns many doves that fly from behind the Medic. A flying dove has a one out of one hundred chance of being released whenever a Scout is killed via gibbing, or while wearing a Bombinomicon.



See Dove locations for a listing of all dove sightings.

Update history

  • [Undocumented] Doves have been added to all Valve-made maps.
  • Fixed a problem related to spawning multiple entities unnecessarily between mini-rounds.
  • Fixed a server crash triggered during entity cleanup.
  • [Undocumented] Added a new 'Dove' model with flight animations.
  • [Undocumented] Scouts now have a 1 out of 100 chance of having a flying dove spawn when killed via gibbing.

June 23, 2011 Patch (Über Update)

  • [Undocumented] Removed doves from the maps they were placed on.


  • A dove seen in Dustbowl.

  • A dove seen in Well that seemingly could not be killed.

  • Flying dove model, added with the June 17, 2011 Patch.

  • Dove flying animation.

  • Doves on the official website.

  • Hospital hidden image

  • Waiting Room hidden image

  • Doctor's Office hidden image

  • A still from the Meet the Medic taunt, showing the doves as part of the animation.

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