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  2. Also, like 3 rape scenes and some hardcore Stockholm Syndrome. At first, I kinda welcomed a break from 'simple' stories but now all I want to do is read sappy shoujo. Tags: bl game, pigeon blood, wangst, wtf. BL Gaming - Lucky Dog 1.
  3. C81 Pigeon Blood Asou Shin LOVE OR LUST Touhou Project (C81) 鳩血 (麻生シン) LOVE OR LUST (東方Project) Download Hentai and Manga picture gallery. Free download links. Sole Female, Maid, Sole Dickgi.
Bl games like pigeon bloody

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Well, the writing direction in this game is pretty weird overall. There's something off about it, you can tell the game wasn't supposed to be written in this way, like they changed something in the last minute. Overall, though. Pigeon Blood isn't bad. I like it a lot, actually! It's twisted and fucked up and scary and yet pretty and sweet and cute.

Pigeon Blood Bl Game

Protagonist Hiiragi Kyouichirou goes to Tokyo to attend university, and gets caught up in the affairs of the military and ghosts. I would give this more than 5 stars. I really would. This game is absolutely incredible in all aspects, it's also one of the best BL games I've played, next to maybe even surpassing Shingakkou. The art is beautiful, certain animated CGs really highlight the visuals, the OST is amazing, and the overall story, character development, plot... it is so good. Incredibly good. All of the main characters have their own charm, even the more important minor characters are so lovable. I am also a huge sucker for the Taisho era aesthetic, so the game was like eye candy for me. The game is very well researched, it reflects in the language of the writing as well. The writing is so deep and difficult that even some Japanese speakers have trouble (there's so many kanji and archaic words!!) I would recommend this game so much, but the language is a difficult barrier. I do not suggest using VNR (which is what I did, uncontrollable idiot I am) but if that can't stop you, please do play it. Do note there are certain cutscenes that have text not translatable by VNR. Once a full translation is available, go play it!! Please!
A fanmade English translation of the common route can be found here.
Favorite routes: Senge Iori, Misaki