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When you pull back a bowstring, feel the bow’s power, and unleash all that energy by releasing the arrow, it’s an amazing feeling. Even better? Trying fun archery games that test your skills and put a smile on your face!

Whether you’re brand new to archery and looking for a fun game to try, or you’re just looking to spice up your practice sessions a bit, look no further. Here are 10 ways to make the best sport even better – and improve your accuracy!

Floating pingpong ball

The archer in the video above used a few different items to build his floating target, but realistically, you’ll need a pingpong ball and a Shop-Vac; that’s it. Use the Shop-Vac’s “reverse” setting to put that pingpong ball in midair and keep it floating. Now, try shooting it. It’s harder than you think!

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Super shatter

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Photo: Off Beat Earth

Old-fashioned glass Christmas ornaments shatter with a super-satisfying pop when arrowed! Of course, glass shards can be dangerous, so be sure your target is at least 20 yards away. Also be sure to place it where you can clean up the mess before anyone walks by.

Popping Balloons

Photo: USA Archery’s Explore Archery Program

One of the most fun – and easiest – archery games to set up. EVERYONE loves to pop balloons, no matter what their age. Blow them up, hang them on the target, and pop away!

Glitter Bombs

This is a popular activity at novelty shoots, and it’s no wonder why. Putting glitter into a balloon and shooting it causes sparkles and light all around the target.

Colored Explosions

Archery Game Pigeon How To Play

Yep, balloons again, but this time fill them with cornstarch and food coloring to make colorful explosions around your target! Bonus points: Mount a GoPro and see what those colorful splashes do in slow-mo.

Burning Bright

Caution: This is an expert-level trick! Shooting out a candle flame is best done by an expert archer who is accurate and sighted in. Keep a fire extinguisher on hand, keep the area free of flammable objects, and have a partner to help.

Fruit Shoot

Photo: Coach Steve Overbeck, Woodlands Archery JOAD

Archery Game Pigeon How To Play Ticket To Ride

There’s nothing like the satisfaction of splitting an apple – or thumping a pumpkin, or just about any kind of fruit – with an arrow! Just be sure you’re ready to clean up the juicy, sticky mess you’ll create.

Split the Arrow Challenge

Photo: Golden Gate JOAD

Golden Gate JOAD – short for Junior Olympic Archery Development – shares this tip on their website: Attach a cardboard tube a foot or so long to the center of an archery target so it sticks out of the center. You can dress up the tube with fletchings to look like an arrow. Archers must shoot down the center of the tube to win.

Tiny Candy Shoot

The Explore Archery program gives archers a chance to win sweets – and arrow tiny targets – by shooting at pieces of candy. This can be one of the most fun – and competitive – archery games out there (depending on your sweet tooth!). To put your skills to a big challenge, try splitting a tiny Lifesaver.

Piñata Time!

Photo: C.B.A. and You

Piñatas can be a great way to make group practice more fun, especially when there’s a birthday to celebrate. Just be sure to use older arrows, because shooting the piñata can cause some damage. Take turns shooting to make candy rain!


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